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The top 4 luxury bedroom trends for 2022

From sustainable bedding to two-tone walls and rustic décor to creating a sublime sanctuary in which to sleep, which trend will you be going for?

By LLM Reporters  |  November 24, 2021
luxury bedroom interior

When gathering up ideas for your new bedroom makeover there are typically three main elements to focus on, to ensure that you make the most of this space, and those are comfort, style and tidiness. The main function we use our bedrooms for is sleep, and a restful night’s slumber is best achieved when the room promotes a comfortable spot where you can drift off easily. A clutter-free environment that frees you up from thoughts of housework; and décor that is inviting, elegant and suited to your personal taste.

With this in mind, we take a deeper look into some of the popular trends that are set to make their mark on our bedrooms in 2022. From sustainable bedding to two-tone walls and rustic décor to creating a sublime sanctuary in which to sleep, which trend will you be going for?

Sustainable bedding

luxury bedroom

Not just a passing fad, the focus on the use of sustainable products and practices has been in the spotlight in recent years for a reason, and this provides shoppers with a way to get creative when it comes to buying items for their homes. No longer do we lazily rely on whatever clever marketing tells us we need, now we are savvier than ever and are willing to put the time into choosing products that blend the best of both worlds in terms of quality, practicality, style, and our own personal ethos.

When it comes to sustainable bedding you should look out for companies who make items using organic and sustainable plants such as bamboo and hemp, while wrapping them up in sustainable packaging. Of course, you also need to ensure that comfort is key here, especially when seeking out that sumptuous duvet set, the best memory foam pillow, the softest sheets, or an uber-stylish throw.

Two-tone walls 

Cozy Pink Bedroom corner with baby pink velvet fabric bed

The best way to showcase style throughout the home is with colour, and it doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of the big and bold as your personality can still shine through while using calmer tones. Though it’s not unusual to see our interior walls decorated in differing tones, the typical way of undertaking this has been to use a feature or statement wall, but the trend for 2022 will be to use two colours on the same walls, generally using a darker tone on the bottom half with a lighter tone on top.

For inspiration on colour choices, look to the professionals to get their take and decide from there. Graham and Brown and Dulux’s colours of the year for 2022 are both blissful shades of blue (‘breath’ and ‘bright skies’, respectively) that would work well to breathe a refreshing breath into any bedroom setup, while Farrow and Ball have opted for five paint shades – from a natural, tranquil green (breakfast room green) to a vibrant, uplifting yellow (babouche) – that you could use for inspiration.

A sublime sanctuary

bath in bedroom

From installing a bathtub in your bedroom to luxuriate in before hopping into bed, to choosing a colour palette that is sure to have you drifting off into a peaceful slumber, to adorning your bed with a range of top quality, super soft bedding, there are plenty of ways in which you can create a sublime sanctuary in which to sleep. Bathtubs in the bedroom have become very popular in recent years, especially when there is plenty of space to put one and also when you have a great view to utilise. Pair this with calming tones that appeal to you and plenty of sumptuous textures underfoot and on the bed along with soft lighting and you’ll find it hard to ever leave this heavenly room. 

Rustic charm

rustic bedroom

The modern rustic trend has been flying high these past few years with the natural wood elements creating warmth and style, and modern amenities bringing the look up to date. Large windows, where possible, make this look work well, just don’t forget to incorporate plenty of comfortable elements to ensure substance and style work in harmony.

You can put your own take on this look and create a warming colour palette with plenty of soothing brown tones, metallic lighting, modern furniture, and clean lines or go traditional with wood beams, a natural wood headboard, and a shaggy rug.