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Top 5 luxury flooring design trends of 2019

Outdoor dining table on the balcony 3d render.Rooms have wooden floors, decorated with wooden furniture and a white kitchen counter with large open doors. Overlooking the big garden.

If you’ve had the desire to change the look of your home without having to buy entirely new furniture, then changing your flooring is the best option for a stylish new look.

In 2019 there have been many trends focusing on interior design, including several regarding the best floors worthy of your attention. From geometric tiles and vinyl to traditional dark hues, there is an array of stylish options to transform your worn-out room into one that is fashionably welcoming.

Altering the style of your home can be somewhat intimidating at first, especially when you’re not sure where to start, therefore we have listed the best flooring design trends of the year to give you the inspiration you need and to help you with your redesign.

Bring elegance with tiles

Luxurious bathroom with natural views 3d render,The room has black tile floors, white marble walls, There are large windows sunlight shining into the room.

The simple elegance of Victorian tiles will illuminate your room and introduce your visitors with a stylish welcome. Recreating the luxury of period style is a trend worth noting, and doing this with geometric styles will truly bring a sense of contemporary character to your home.

With so many designs to choose from, you are spoilt for choice as you can either go for a striking monochrome style to visually expand the space or a more colourful option to bring life and beauty to your home.

The timeless combination of black and white is truly an exquisite choice and will be the first thing your guests will note, whilst warmer tones, such as taupe, will showcase elegance and comfort — choose wisely.

The beauty of oak

traditional diningroom with oak furniture and oak floors

Traditional oak floorings continue to remain popular in 2019, as it has become a staple element for many homes.

Introducing oak floorings to your home will bring a sense of warmth and nature, and the feeling of well-being will resonate by bringing natural themes to our interiors. Whilst finding the perfect wood floorings can be a challenge, rest assured that your ideal choice will be found at Kahrs flooring.

The materials used at Kahrs flooring ‘mimics the look of real hardwoods’, whilst maintaining the same feel. By using engineered substances during construction, the cost is less than you would pay for real hardwoods — a perfect option if you’re looking to save money whilst still giving your home a stylish improvement.

Vinyl as an alternative

Interior background of living room with wooden side table over white wall 3d render

There seems to be somewhat of an industrial-look appeal, and the concrete look has become a staple favourite for many.

Whilst placing real concrete may be quite a hassle to do, the best solution would be to interpret this look with a luxury vinyl tile alternative — vinyl can serve as a fantastic substitute and will still create a beautiful look worth having.

Featuring several practical benefits, such as being warmer and softer underfoot, the designs of vinyl vary immensely, therefore you can recreate whatever look you have in mind with a quick and easy installation.

Use darker tones

As the years go by, we have noted that interiors are increasingly featuring more darker shades, resulting in cosy and warm looks.

Whilst darker tones might not be the first choice for many, it is one of the more stylish options to choose from, and most definitely worth the consideration. By having flooring that features warm rich tones, such as traditional oak or concrete vinyl, your room will be automatically transformed, reflecting a sense of elegance and comfort.

A truly indulgent look, having a room with these warm tones reflecting from your flooring will create a sense of wellbeing — imagine how comforting this will be, especially during the winter months?

Carpets are a favourite

Bedroom interior in luxury loft, attic, apartment with roof windows - Hotel room - vacation concept background

Not necessarily a shocking contender, carpets continue to be the most popular flooring option on the market.

Comforting to walk on, warm during the colder months and available in a variety of styles and colours, carpet is most definitely an all-round winner.

Due to its continuous popularity, manufacturers are making technological advancements to produce never-before-seen carpet styles. Nowadays you can find carpets that are waterproof and environmentally friendly — trust us, you will not be disappointed.