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Unique interior design trends for modern luxury

By LLM Reporters  |  August 27, 2020
black kitchen

Many of us, when considering an update to our home interiors, like to create a space that is, not only welcoming and comfortable, but is a fashionable space that speaks volumes about our personalities too. There are many ways in which we can inject some unique design trends into our homes to ensure that anyone who steps inside knows exactly who lives here, and though it may be tempting to try and combine everything in one go, a little consideration is advised before you go all out and start adding everything trendy-looking to your basket.

Before you begin

When it comes to giving your home or a room in particular a much-needed update, there are a few key points to remember before you go all out. The trick is in creating something that works for you in a practical sense but also imparts an identity on your living space. Spontaneity is always fun but should be administered in conservative doses when it comes to décor, so make sure you have a clear vision of the result you are aiming for and you will be far more likely to pull off the desired look.

black bathroom
Feature lighting and bold colours can make for stunning interiors

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next interior design update, then read on for some of our favourite options that combine unique design with modern luxury.

Bold, black design

It’s a bold choice but we just love the drama that an injection of black in our interiors gives. We’ve talked before about how to incorporate the shade into your bathroom, but what about other areas of the house?

One of our favourite ideas is to paint your internal doors, skirting boards and door frames black. This will add a truly dramatic and unique look to your home and one that can be creatively paired either with a bold print wallpaper or as a sharp border for pale toned walls.

Modern meets retro

Oh how we adore a bit of retro styling in our homes. Whether this consists of combining some thirties style furniture in our dining rooms or within some appliances in our kitchens, or even a gentlemen’s style study in our décor, taking inspiration from a bygone era is a great way to add personality to your home.

interior lounge
A look from any era can be brought up to date by tweaking the design aspects to suit your style and the modern world

The great thing about rewinding time with your décor is that you can eliminate all unsightly aspects and pick and choose those that suit the modern world and your own personal tastes. You can successfully encompass another era by making it modern and going a little more minimalist with the look you desire or even opt simply for a colour palette that is reminiscent of a different time.

Oddity of light

Lighting is a fantastic way to mix up the look and feel of your home, and one that is often overlooked. Many see lighting as a practical feature rather than one that can take centre stage but illuminating your interiors in different ways can offer a totally different atmosphere to your indoor spaces.

In modern design, it’s all about inspiring visual tension with new configurations. Picture a standing floodlight designed for use in a photographer’s studio, refitted with gentler lighting and serving as a corner floor lamp. How about using studio lighting tracks as a ceiling-mounted light feature or styling up a space with a bunch of lamps all in one corner of the room? The options here genuinely are as endless as your imagination.

You could also look to add some innovative lighting products to your home such as a floating light bulb. A marriage of innovation and science, a floating light bulb functions as a illumination as well as interactive art for your home. There are a number of different brands available to purchase but we believe the Volta Levitating Light Bulb by Floately is by far the most advanced on the market today and will certainly help to provide that wow factor to impress your guests.