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Upgrade for relaxation: Five stunning ideas for a dreamy bedroom

By LLM Reporters on 16th April 2018

When you walk in your bedroom, do you see paradise, or do you see a space that needs a little work? If your answer is the latter, you are far from alone. The bedroom is often overlooked because it isn’t a common space, like your living room or kitchen that you might share with guests. Because it’s only open to your eyes (and that of your close family), you may not prioritize making your bedroom the lap of luxury that it should be. It doesn’t take much to make it happen and here’s our guide on how to do it.

Have a seat

A bedroom isn’t only about the spot where you sleep, it should also be a place of rest and relaxation outside of your zzz’s. To bump your bedroom to super-cosy status, consider creating a reading nook. It can be in any corner of the room, but by a window is best so you can take advantage of the natural light.

A comfortable chair with an ottoman or a chaise lounge will invite you to curl up with a great boo

A comfortable chair with an ottoman or a chaise lounge will invite you to curl up with a great book. A blanket draped over the back will make your little corner of heaven even more inviting. Slide a metallic table to the side to keep your hot tea within arm’s reach, add in a chic lamp, and you just might spend an entire afternoon in your new favourite place. Soften up the space more with a large woven basket filled with one or two throw pillows for optional close by comfort.

Browse for a new bed

Gone are the days of the standard, pillowtop mattress. Once you upgrade to a new mattress, you may not know how uncomfortable your night’s rest was. Don’t stop there. Get a statement headboard that sends the message: “This bed means a luxurious night’s sleep.”

Be sure your linens are of great quality as well. Go for 100% cotton and a thread count of at least 300-400 for the softest sheet sets. A plush comforter also means staying warm on these chilly spring nights.

Add in the extras

That old saying, “It’s the little things that count,” is everything when it comes to boosting your bedroom’s vibe. Start with decorative throw pillows with different textures at the top half of your bed and at the bottom, a plush throw blanket draped across the bottom and spilling off one corner. Both are a great way to add depth to your bed. Add in a tufted storage ottoman at the foot-end of your bed that won’t just look beautiful but will also double as a space to stash your throw pillows when it’s time to turn in for the night.

bedroom carpet pillows
Spare no expense and do not compromise with your master bedroom

Layer your lighting

Layering isn’t just for beds and blankets. You should have several lighting options in your room. Start with sconces on each side of the bed instead of lamps. An extendable arm on each sconce that shines light precisely where you prefer is perfect for nighttime reading. If you opt for lamps, upgrade to a shade with metallic or fabric embellishments to add different textures. Don’t forget dimmers: soft lighting can set the mood for optimum relaxation. Consider candlelight for the same effect. Most candles come with the bonus of scent, which adds to the bedroom’s ambience. Our top pick is the Taylor Benefield candle. These boast a variety of luxury scents that are the first of their kind in the candle industry.

Welcome yourself

What makes your space special? Think about those little touches that you add for comfort. Do you enjoy fresh flowers? With a rainbow of colours from which to choose, a fresh bunch can add instant life to your bedroom space. Place them as a standalone on a tidy surface for simplicity or add fresh flowers to break up books on a shelf for a pop of colour.

bedroom flowers
Add fresh flowers to break up books on a shelf for a pop of colour

To keep your fresh flowers looking their best, pinch back all leaves to expose a clean stem and trim the stems so the flowers sit 1-2 inches above the rim of your vase. Change water every 2-3 days for longer lasting flowers. If your market doesn’t have enough options, consider ordering them online with Interflora discount codes at and have them delivered right to your doorstep for added convenience.

Your bedroom should be a place for maximum relaxation, not work. By using the tips above, you’ll be well on your way and when your family can’t find you, the first place they’ll look is in your bedroom.

This article was kindly contributed by Andrea Boffo, the CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.