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Upgrading your bedroom to full luxury status with Juliette Interiors

By LLM Reporters  |  January 13, 2021

New year, new you? As tradition would have it, now is the time of year to make some big personal plans and goals for the year ahead – so why not bring your home in on the fun?

Giving your luxury abode a lavish makeover for the new year is a great way to start afresh in 2021 – and after a rather turbulent 2020, we could all do with wiping the slate clean in one way or another.

Your home is the place where you spend your downtime, so it should be reflective of the mood you want to create and feel like an utterly indulgent place to spend your time. This is particularly true of your bedroom, which should be a haven away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, the perfect space for some rest and relaxation – and a place that makes your heart sing when you wake up to see it each morning.

So, if upgrading your entire home feels like an overwhelming task right now, then there’s no better place to start. The experts at Juliette Interiors – specialists in luxury interior design and the authority on the most sophisticated in furniture and lighting, know exactly what it takes to elevate any room of the house to that coveted gold standard – and if you want them to, they’ll even manage the project for you.

So, with no excuses left not to get started on designing your dream bedroom today, we asked them to do the hard work for you and pick out the key pieces that will transform your space into an opulent boudoir that’s fit for royalty.

The Bed: Classic Reproduction Italian Ornate Bed, Juliette Interiors

This chic, sophisticated and utterly luxurious Italian-made bed wouldn’t look out of place in the finest of European palaces. Immaculately executed by master Italian craftsmen to ensure the utmost in quality and authenticity, this Baroque-inspired piece will make for an impressive centrepiece to build your room around, and will make you feel like royalty every time you wake up in the morning, too.

Featuring painted gilt detailing and a headboard that is padded and elegantly buttoned-upholstered in the highest-quality rich luxury satin, it truly doesn’t get much more sumptuous than this.

Price: £17,850.00 – £21,160.00

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The Wardrobe: Luxury Ivory Italian Two-Door Wardrobe, Juliette Interiors

Luxury Ivory Italian Two-Door Wardrobe

This spacious and ornately-carved wardrobe, featuring a beautiful ivory finish that is hand-painted with bleached gold, makes for a lavish space in which to store your very finest designer attire, and is perfectly in-keeping with the Italian tone set by the focal point – the bed.

Featuring two doors, three draws, a shelf and hanging rail, it’s versatile and roomy enough to store everything from dresses and suits to shoes and underwear.

Price: £17,305.00 – £19,561.00

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The Dressing Table: Reproduction Italian Ivory and Gold Rococo Dressing Table

Reproduction Italian Ivory and Gold Rococo Dressing Table

Even the most sophisticated of bedrooms wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious dressing table, and this one comes in an attractive antique white with elaborate, bleached-gold detailing. There is also a free-standing mirror, in a matching finish, to go with it.

The set is beautifully completed with the Designer Italian Chair, which is embroidered in a dainty polka dot fabric and makes for the perfect pairing for this chic and sophisticated set-up.

Price: £1,906.00 – £9,482.00

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The Lamp: Luxury Italian Rose Design Table Lamp

Luxury Italian Rose Design Table Lamp

When it comes to creating a truly luxurious feel, the devil is in the detail, and everything from the carpet and curtains to your lighting and accessories has the power to make or break the overall effect.

This beautiful table lamp makes for the perfect statement piece to accentuate the Italian theme and will look just perfect sitting atop your nightstand or bedside table. Showcasing outstanding attention to detail and that all-important expert craftsmanship, we love the ash grey version, which features pretty, hand-painted champagne detailing.

Price: £2,089.00

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The Chair: Classic Italian Designer Armchair

Classic Italian Designer Armchair

For a truly luxurious feel, you’ll want to create a place where you can sit, in peace and quiet, and read for a while. But no bedroom of this calibre would look quite right with just a window seat, so treat yourself instead to a regal, classic Italian-style chair which is almost worthy of throne status.

This stunning design will make for a striking addition to any setting, and features the same antique white finish and bleached gold detailing of the majority of our other top picks. Upholstered in a sumptuous, textured ivory fabric, it wins full points for opulence all round.

Price: £4,092.00

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The Mirror: White Louis Reproduction Bedroom Dressing Mirror

White Louis Reproduction Bedroom Dressing Mirror

The key to creating an all-round luxury feel is by creating space, and a tall mirror can be a great way to create the illusion of extra roominess and make your bedroom feel twice the size that it is.

This romantic piece, made from solid cherry wood and finished in a luxurious white gloss lacquer is just the ticket, and features an impeccably carved and perfectly finished frame, with a base comprising a drawer and small cabriole legs with gold leaf outlines.

Price: £2,873.00

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All imagery used in this article credit: Juliette Interiors