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What are the must have aspects when buying a luxury home?

We all want a bit of luxury in our lives but not only do we want it, we both need it and deserve it! Whether it’s a nice meal at a Michelin star restaurant, a well-deserved luscious luxury retreat of a holiday or just a visit to the best spa in town to get a bit of pampering.

Where is luxury the most important though in our day to day lives? That of course would be in our homes, after all your home is your castle, there is nowhere more important to have the lap of luxury.

Whether you’re a homebody or outgoing, your home is where you live and spend most of your time, bar work, or from time to time the bar itself. Why not have some of the finer creature comforts to make your less than humble abode into something a little more ostentatious.

So when buying a luxurious property what are the must have items that you should look out for in a home? Jeff Djevdet, director of a we buy any house company takes a look.

Many consider their home to be their castle

Outdoor ‘Living Room’ With Fire Pit

An outdoor living room, complete with a fire pit is perfect for enjoying the nice weather in the summer months. Indulgent lounging in a comfy outdoor living space in the fresh cool air and sunshine in the day, lighting your fire and having a nice warm summer evening by night. Meaning you can enjoy your garden to the fullest for relaxation and even work in a comfy environment and an atmosphere of the height of opulence.

Wine Cave and Dispensers

Whether you like a tipple yourself or just love to provide the best possible hospitality for visitors and guests, this one is a must have. Whether you opt just for storage, the dispensary aspect or both together. This adds a functional touch of splendour and allows you to keep a variety of wines at the right temperature on hand for when you’re hosting or just having a quiet evening in. The dispenser system adds a touch of ease to this already extravagant feature with glasses ready to be filled at the touch of a button or twist of a knob.

Outdoor seating is perfect for enjoying the nice weather in the summer months

Outdoor Kitchens

Much more than a simple barbeque, this is an item that adds much luxuriousness to your garden, far more than a bog standard charcoal set up. Having a built in gas grill allows for better cooking and not compromising on quality of food, it’s less hassle and a brilliant amenity alone. However when you add enough countertop space to prepare food and drinks, as well as refrigerated storage below and a sink for cleaning. This self-contained kitchen can turn any garden party into an outdoor banquet hall fit for your lavish lifestyle.

Shower Rooms

A walk in shower room with multiple shower jets digitally controlled of course, to be tailored to your perfect shower is a lovely and indulgent way to make one of life’s necessary tasks much more enjoyable. With enough room to walk around and perhaps even a built in nook to sit and relax under the shower streams you can feel like you have part of your very own spa in your home.

A swimming pool is a must for many luxury seeking home buyers

Multi-media Rooms

Cinema rooms with large comfortable chairs, high-tech screens and sound systems are one of the most extravagant ways to enjoy cinema and music in your home. Perfect for hosting guests for movie nights with an added touch of class. No more huddling around a small TV in a living room, when you go big and bring that cinema comfort, feel and quality to your own abode.


With your busy lifestyle, doesn’t it just make sense to bring the gym to you? Especially with such a lush shower-room to use afterwards to ease those aching muscles. A small home gym can provide you with everything you need to keep in tip-top health with the added value of it being private and in the comfort of your own home. No more excuses about going to the gym when you don’t have to leave, this item combines practicality with ease to fit your schedule and routine.