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What virtual reality brings to interior design

We take a closer look at how virtual reality will shape interior design.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 16, 2021
Augmented reality concept.

There are few things quite as exciting as updating your home to create a new and even more luxurious feel, and scouring Pinterest for inspiration to put together mood boards and choose colour schemes, décor themes and beautiful pieces of furniture is all part of the fun. But one thing that has always made the entire process more difficult is the inability to really see what a particular aesthetic might look like in a particular room of your home.

But virtual reality, or VR, could be about to change all that, allowing you to reimagine any space in a whole new way, offering the ability to really feel and experience a room’s transformation ahead of time and to gain a better understanding of how to best utilise the available dimensions to maximise on space.

Until now, it has been almost impossible to truly picture the end result, which can, in some cases, lead to disappointment. If the room you are working with is smaller than those you’re taking inspiration from, or has a more unusual – and challenging – layout, then things can look very different to what you had hoped. But with VR, there are no surprises in the process, giving you complete control over even the smallest details and providing the visual imagery and immersive experience you need to really feel what it’s like to stand or sit in the finished space.

VR technology for interior design

Most people associate virtual reality with the entertainment industry – but contrary to popular belief, its scope goes far beyond immersive video games and cinematic experiences – which, although quite the novelty, fail to add much real functionality to daily life. In fact, the scope is much wider than this, and there are a plethora of more practical uses for it, so it’s unsurprising that we’re finally starting to see it applied in more problem-solving ways.

AR Technology App For Living Room Living Room Furniture
The benefits of VR technology are many, and have the power to eliminate any unfortunate misunderstandings between you and your designer early on in the process, putting you, as the homeowner, in the driving seat and giving you full control over the final result

Nowadays, innovative technologies are already used in many other spheres apart from entertainment, and interior design is one of the most promising directions we have seen it start to move in.

Using the virtual staging solution from the Spotless Agency, home-owners and professional interior designers alike can now evaluate their interior design plans for any space even before the project is started – never mind completed – which means there are plenty of chances to make adjustments and tweaks along the way. Gone are the days when, after weeks of work, you find yourself despondent and disappointed with the end result, and large amounts of time need never be wasted on unsatisfying outcomes ever again.

Now, it’s possible to walk through your future home and see it just as you envision, just as if you were in a computer game, seeing all the details from every angle and immersing yourself in virtual reality using special glasses or a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

3D experiences are nothing new in the interior design space, and professionals have been using them for some years now to get a feel for the end result of a room or home ahead of time. But although an interior design project conjured up in the form of a 3D visualisation may, at first glance, look the same as a virtual reality representation, a three-dimensional image doesn’t actually offer a real life experience of a room’s area, height, and width.

When creating a 3D model, only a small number of interior images are used, so it is not possible to see all the details of the premises, and although designers can create beautiful images to help you see what a project might look like when complete, the ability to really feel it is something new.

Being able to see and walk through a 3D replica by donning a headset sounds novel, but it’s definitely more than just a new experience

What are the benefits of VR technology?

VR projects, on the other hand, are entirely immersive, and as such, are far more informative than any other means of evaluating a design, using virtual staging solutions to create a virtual space that can accurately reflect technical documentation and a design project in a 3D model. 

The benefits of VR technology are many, and have the power to eliminate any unfortunate misunderstandings between you and your designer early on in the process, putting you, as the homeowner, in the driving seat and giving you full control over the final result.

Virtual staging solutions aren’t just the future, but are fast becoming the present, too, and are disrupting the interior design industry in only the most positive of ways. So, if you’re planning on updating your home in 2022, then don’t settle for a Pinterest board and a few paint samples to get things going  – have your dreams brought to life and enjoy an immersive experience in your new space and see how you like it. If it doesn’t quite meet your expectations, then you can change things up, and be on the way to creating the luxury home interior of your dreams.