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Why hiring domestic staff for your luxury home is the ultimate way to alleviate stress

Be prepared to let your stress levels melt away, and leave you ready to get back to feeling your best.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 30, 2021
private chef

Today’s fast-paced way of life and ‘always on’ culture can quickly leave you feeling frazzled, and household tasks like cooking, cleaning and interior design projects are often the first things to fall by the wayside during particularly hectic weeks.

But as we all know, a clear home equals a clear mind, and living in an unruly environment is a sure-fire way to add to daily stress. Add to that the detrimental effects of poor, grab-and-go nutritional choices and microwave meals on a regular basis, and your health will eventually suffer, too – so if you’re feeling weighed down with the responsibility of keeping your life in order, then it might be time to bring in some help.

As they say, admitting you need a hand is often the hardest part, and if you like things done a particular way, then you might find it hard to delegate and let go of some tasks. But when you simply can’t manage to keep on top of vacuuming and tidying your eight-bedroom mansion or keeping that sprawling lawn perfectly mowed and manicured – not to mention putting nutritious meals on the table for yourself and your family – then something has to give.

By bringing in the professionals for the tasks you need doing the most, you can quickly and easily lighten the load, leaving you free to focus on the big stuff – and from private chefs to cleaners and DIY experts, there’s no kind of help that money won’t buy you.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to hiring domestic staff, then these are some of the options to consider. Be prepared to let your stress levels melt away, and leave you ready to get back to feeling your best.

DIY experts and ‘handymen’

painting a fence

When you have a list as long as your arm of home improvements you’ve been wanting to make for the past year, bringing in a DIY expert will alleviate you of the weight of responsibility. When simple, everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning feel like a burden, then less pressing issues like these can often get pushed further and further down your ‘to do list’, so bite the bullet and hire someone now and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

From that broken household appliance to the tiles in your bathroom that are crying out to be re-grouted, there’s no job too big or small – and a good DIY professional will complete repairs and general tasks in a timely manner, without the fuss. Be sure to look for one with the necessary credentials and references, and ensure they can turn their hand to a variety of disciplines, from plumbing to electrics. Looking for someone with handyman liability insurance is also essential and will protect both parties should something go wrong.

A private chef

private chef

Imagine arriving home from a long day at the office – or striking big money deals in the boardroom – to a three-course fine dining banquet, all prepared for you by your personal, live-in chef, and served with the perfect wine pairings to ensure the utmost in enjoyment.

Welcoming a chef into your fold certainly comes with its perks when it comes to luxury, but it can also alleviate any concern over how well you and your family are eating on a day-to-day basis. Briefed with your dietary requirements and preferences, they’ll be on hand to whip you up a hearty, nutrient-packed breakfast to set you up for the day, every day, using only the freshest local ingredients, when you’d perhaps usually grab just a piece of toast on your way out of the door. They can also prepare nutritionally balanced lunches for any children in the family to take to school with them so you can be sure they are eating well even when they are not at home.

With the basics taken care of, a private chef is also a great way to up the ante on your social occasions, and inviting friends around for dinner parties might just become your new favourite way to spend the weekend, instead of your worst nightmare.

Luxury cleaning services

cleaning a mirror

As a luxury property owner, the prospect of letting a cleaner loose on your antique furniture and expensive rugs might feel daunting, but with a plethora of new professional cleaning companies springing up who cater especially to the high-net-worth individual, it’s no longer the concern that it once might have been.

With a wealth of experience behind them, cleaning professionals of this calibre have often cleaned castles, palaces and other opulent properties to within an inch of their lives, and are skilled in handling expensive accessories and artefacts, as well as maintaining the quality and appearance of valuable furnishings, carpets and your designer clothing.

Trustworthy and discreet, the right company will be able to provide you with a team of staff who have undergone extensive specialist training and offer the utmost in confidentiality. As they say, you often get what you pay for, and when it comes to professional cleaning services, this really is the case.

The bottom line

Bringing in domestic help is a quick and easy way to lighten your load, alleviate stress, and leave you free to focus on the important things in life, so if you’re buckling under the weight of responsibility, then what better gift to give yourself for Christmas? Hire them early and your home will be looking and feeling like a (few) million dollars just in time for the big day, too – because let’s face it, there’s enough to think about at this time of year as it is.