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Wooden furniture to give your home the wow factor in 2017

lounge wall furniture wooden

The wooden trend is becoming increasingly popular in 2017 with interior designers and online retailers offering a multitude of options for those luxury seeking consumers.

This light oak range at Wooden Furniture Store, for example, showcases the various types and increasing practicality of wood, from shoe stores to solid oak tables.

This season there are hundreds of standout pieces of furniture made from wood that will give your home a unique feel and that all-important wow factor you’ve been looking for.

Whilst wood can often help to create a rustic or vintage feel, it still has the ability to help create some futuristic designs.

Artist and designer Klemens Torggler manufactured the “Evolution Door”. Whilst normal doors tend to open backwards or forwards, like an origami sculpture, this door folds on itself.

It’s certainly something different from a usual door and will almost definitely stand out. Though, if you do wish to go for a normal door but still want to use wood to make it stand out, a sliding barn door is option for you.

Barn doors are often stunning and demand attention, thus there’s no question whether it will stand out or not. They are thick and smooth to the touch therefore add warmth and charm to your home.

When switching up your house and changing it’s interior, limited space can be worry and sometimes, there may not be enough room for all the furniture pieces your heart desires.

Luckily for you, there are numerous multifunctional wooden storage solutions. Julia Kononenko answered the prayers of many when she designed a multifunctional sofa and dining table.

Chuck is a flexible shelving concept that consists of six planks of wood that are adjustable to hold and store numerous objects

The modern statement piece may be simple in design but it will undoubtedly stand out.

Meanwhile, if you’re still struggling for space but a combined sofa and dining table just isn’t for you, Natascha Harra-Frischkorn may have invented the perfect solution in Chuck.

Chuck is a flexible shelving concept that consists of six planks of wood that are adjustable to hold and store numerous objects. You can change it whenever you like and it can help to give a room a completely different image, we just love it.

It seems that many wooden furniture features nowadays are interchangeable and flexible.

A simple and modern design, the REK bookcase will grow simultaneously with your book collection. No, it’s not magic but it’s good as! The bookcase boasts zig-zag shaped parts that can slide in and out to form voids to help store your books. It can be as big or as small as your like but regardless of the size of your collection, this piece is sure to stand out and far better than any traditional bookcase.

REK Bookcase Junior by Reinier de Jong from mocoloco on Vimeo.

Who said wood had to be rustic?

Whilst modern wooden furniture is great and can easily act as a stand-out piece, sometimes there is just no beating reclaimed wood.

This is one material, particularly suar wood or Douglas fir, that is great for making bed frames that are like no other.

Croft House LA created a rustic looking bed that triples as a bed, seat and a table, thus there is no need for a night stand or stool.

It’s something different from the usual bedroom furniture and can act as a nice change from the common lay out.