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James Gifford-Mead: Finding feeling and emotion in corporate photography

By LLM Reporters on 12th February 2021

Corporate photography may not feel as glamorous as fashion photography, as exciting as travel photography, or as creative as advertising photography, but when you find someone who does it really well, corporate photography can be hugely impactful. It’s about capturing the feeling, the emotion, and the atmosphere in a room. It’s about conveying a mood, a moment, or a message in a single image. It’s an art all of its own.

And, in today’s digitally focused world, corporate photography is more important than ever. Customers want to see who’s selling to them, and potential partners want to get a feel for who they’re working with. Equally, brands want to showcase their events online.

But to get the most from your corporate photography, finding the right photographer is vital. You need someone who understands your organisation and is able to deliver images that reflect the unique qualities of your brand. James Gifford-Mead is that someone.

James Gifford-Mead is a leading corporate photographer based in Tooting

James is a talented event and corporate photographer based in London. With his unquestionable eye and a well-honed creative flair, he has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing outstanding images for businesses in London and beyond.

Just looking at his portfolio, it’s clear to see that James has made a name for himself in the corporate world, with global companies and organisations being drawn to his natural style and high-quality photographs, with a unique editorial style.

James explained: “My photography style is documentary and I specialise in photographing events discreetly so that the atmosphere and energy of the moment is captured in my images. I think that really helps to reflect the mood of the event accurately, allowing me to present a moment in time in the same way that it was experienced by those who were in the room.”

Before establishing his business nine years ago, James travelled extensively, with his camera always by his side.

emirates stadium event photography-9
James Gifford-Mead is available for event photography plus corporate headshots

“After spending a few years travelling through Africa, India, and South America, I started working in the photographic industry 10 years ago. By assisting other working photographers, during this period, I learnt a lot about lighting and getting my shots right within the camera – photoshop was a no-no! This was during the film days, so it got very expensive if I made mistakes!

“The experience of working for other photographers was invaluable in learning my craft, and I still apply the lessons I learnt today.”

James has a reputation for getting the best from his subjects. Perhaps it’s the way he puts them at ease, his calm demeanour behind the camera, or his eye for detail. Whatever it is, it works. From small businesses and individuals, through to multi-national corporations, James has built a diverse and loyal customer base by providing work of a consistently high quality.

James Gifford-Mead is a highly experienced and professional London corporate headshot photographer

“Throughout the year, I get to photograph a wide variety of different people from all walks of life. I think that’s one of the things I love most about my job. One day I’ll be photographing a board meeting in the City, the next I’ll be at the House of Commons and House of Lords, and between that, I’ll probably be photographing an awards event.”

Of course, in the era of smart phones and editing apps, many people assume that they can take their own photos. But James has some important advice for anyone looking for images that will truly reflect their business.

“A good portrait shot allows your clients, colleagues, and contemporaries to gauge a bit about who you are, while also presenting a professional image. While it might appear more cost effective to take a selfie with your phone, or crop yourself out of your favourite group picture, this type of image will undoubtedly have an impact on how people view you, your brand, and your business values.”

All imagery used in this article credit: James Gifford-Mead