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Meet the entrepreneur: Maximillian White, Nottingham’s youngest pub owner sets out to become cannabis billionaire

By LLM Reporters  |  January 12, 2021

From moving to a council estate as a child when his father lost it all to becoming Nottingham’s youngest pub owner, Maximillian White has made his money through tech investments, hospitality ventures and property investments in Spain, Portugal, Dubai and Thailand.

Maximillian is now building Europe’s largest medicinal cannabis farm and estimates that his company will be worth £3.5 billion in the next five years.

His team of experts are currently developing an exclusive cannabis strain only available for their ultra-high-net-worth customers and will formulate the strains based on DNA samples. The company is 100% dedicated to the pharmaceutical market. Maximillian’s company will supply high quality medical cannabis respecting EU-GMP specifications which are the highest quality standard for the pharmaceutical industry.

They have to work with health professionals in order to have feedback on how treatments are processed and how the most specific varieties of cannabis will help in the most varied pathologies as well as consulting various pharmaceutical industries for the latest up-to-date health information.

Despite a rocky journey in the early days, Maximillian has worked hard to create a number of business that has lead him to the successful entrepreneur he is today

Considering the growing tendency to be prescribed medicinal cannabis for various pathologies in various countries in the world and the constant and growing prescriptions, they believe that more pharmaceuticals and doctors will prescribe the use of cannabis to improve the lives of patients for their health and wellbeing.

We sat down with Maximillian to discuss his motivations, his life’s luxuries and the advice he would give to a young entrepreneur.

You are known for your drive and determination to achieve impossible dreams. Is impossible easier than we think?

I think, as children, we grow up thinking we can achieve anything. With disappointments, failures, and tragedies, we let our scars determine how we think and how we approach inevitable obstacles. Even the most successful people in the world, from Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates, had setbacks, tragedies, failed, made mistakes and were wrong.

I’ve had terribly dark times in my life, but I don’t let these circumstances stop me from reaching goals because I don’t think my dreams are impossible. My mindset is to take opportunities as they come with hard work and building the right team behind me. Some business successes have been luck, sometimes my business success has actually been a personal failure.

If you understand in life that there will be obstacles and disappointments but that doesn’t define you or your dream, then you can oftentimes overcome roadblocks with hard work, determination, and courage.

He would recommend young entrepreneurs be courageous and hard-working

You experienced first-hand the painful dive from riches to rags. You had a great childhood, sang at the same choir Tony Blair did, and overnight, when your father lost everything you had to move out from your family home to a council house. What made you claim your place with the riches again and become the youngest landlord in Britain, aged 17?

My desire to succeed didn’t change just because my family went through a rough financial situation. It was not complete poverty, and I was still luckier than lots of people fighting simply for basic food and shelter. The drastic change in my living situation shaped me to work harder and dream bigger.

What’s your biggest luxury?

My biggest luxury is spending time with my family. In terms of material luxuries, I love my sports cars, boat, and I love expressing myself with my fashion choices. I like buying a one-off item that maybe no one else has. I recently purchased a Fendi gilet and vest-style jacket. I like classic brands like Dior Hommes and Tom Ford.

What’s the most luxurious holiday you’ve experienced?

Boating around Bora Bora.

Of the cars that you own, which is your favourite?

My favourite car is a black Porsche 918 limited edition Spyder.

Maximilian champions Luis Vuitton as one of his top luxury brands

What’s your favourite luxury brand?

My favourite luxury fashion and beauty brands are Tom Ford, Dior Hommes, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Killian, Richard Mille, Jason of Beverly Hills and Fendi.

What advice would you give a young entrepreneur?

I would recommend to young entrepreneurs to be courageous. Alongside hard work, the courage to chase your dreams and take risks can pay off big.

What are the top three traits you look for when choosing a business partner or employee?

The top three traits I look for in an employee is someone who is a superstar of their own and specialises in a field at the top level, someone who is loyal, and someone who can deliver, as actions speak louder than words.

How has being a father to four children affected your work/life balance and the choices you make?

I love being a father and I love organising my work life so that I can spend as much time with my kids as possible. Now that I’m 40 and have worked so hard to put this cannabis company together, I am much more interested in selling the bulk of it to investors because I value the time I have with my kids over the time it takes to launch a project. My family is much more important than working long hours which is why I think delegating is very important to keep work life balance in equilibrium.

Follow Maximillian White’s story on his Instagram @thatboyyouhate.

All imagery supplied by Maximillian White.