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The top 5 countries in the world for high-paying medical jobs

By LLM Reporters on 8th July 2020

When it comes to professions that travel well, it doesn’t get much better than a job in the medical field. ER doctors, surgeons and other highly-paid medical professionals are highly sought-after in almost every country across the globe, giving you free rein to live in numerous different locations due to possessing such a coveted skill set. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of emigrating to the likes of Australia, New Zealand or perhaps somewhere more exotic, then you could well be in luck.

If you’re keen to head off on a working adventure but are unsure where to start or where to move to, then we’ve rounded up five countries offering the best work-life balance – and yes, that does include the biggest salaries.

So, get reading, head over to Fusion Medical Staffing for help finding a new position in your chosen location, then prepare to book those flights.

When it comes to professions that travel well, it doesn’t get much better than a job in the medical field


A perennial favourite of doctors going to work overseas – from ER doctors to brain surgeons – Australia offers beautiful weather, generous salaries and a real focus on work-life balance. Down under, specialists can expect to make upwards of £168,000 annually, while surgeons and GPs can earn an average of £85,000 and £83,000 per year respectively. Radiologists, lab techs and even nurses are generously reimbursed for their time, too.

There are few better nations to travel by road than Australia, and in your free time, you can expect to enjoy the cosmopolitan city vibe fused with a welcoming beach culture. A morning of surf followed by a Michelin-starred meal out for dinner could soon become your favourite combination.

The Netherlands

If you’d rather not venture quite so far from home, the Netherlands is a great alternative. Base yourself in Amsterdam, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all of its European charm and appeal – whilst also netting yourself one of the best medical positions out there.

Although not quite as lucrative as Australia, salaries here remain high for those in the upper echelons of their field. Specialists will rake in an average of £160,000 per year, while GPs will live a comfortable life on around £110,000.

Other medical careers that would fare well here include surgeons, on £156,000 per year, nurses on £65,000 and radiologists, on £45,000.

Austria offers some of the best medical job salaries in the world


With its sprawling mountainous landscapes and picturesque lakes, nature lovers and outdoorsy types will adore the simple life in Austria. You might not have all that much free time on your hands to immerse yourself in your surroundings, but it doesn’t get much more calming and re-centring than a Sunday stroll in the wilderness.

Add to that its famous metropolitan cities and penchant for classical music, not to mention the great food, and there’s a lot to love about this small European nation.

Often, you have to compromise on salary to enjoy an improved quality of life, but happily, in Austria, this isn’t the case. Specialists can expect to be rewarded for their efforts with around £170,000 annually, while GPs will enjoy a modest £112,000.


The USA is a nation renowned for its generous salaries, and as a result, is awash with million-dollar homes and lavish luxury almost everywhere you go. If you enjoy a spot of the high life, then New York, LA and Miami are all unlikely to let you down – and your earnings will generously support your penchant for the finer things in life, too.

Are you a specialist? Good news – you’ll be bringing in an average of £280,000 as part of a new life across the pond. GPs also fare well, at more than £193,000 annually. It’s also a particularly good relocation option for nurses, who can expect to make an average of £58k per year.

Offering great professional development opportunities as well as their hefty salaries, jobs here often come with the opportunity to travel to South and Central America at points along the way. But, be aware that you’ll need to complete the three-step USMLE exam before you can do so, and of course, you’ll need that green card.

new york
The USA is a nation renowned for its generous salaries, and as a result, is awash with million-dollar homes and lavish luxury almost everywhere you go


A surprise entry that actually offers the best average salaries within the medical profession, Luxembourg is home to around 600,000, and is a cultural melting pot drawing in elements of French and German. In fact, there are three languages spoken here; French, German and the national language of Luxembourgish.

It’s immensely well-located for those who wish to travel within their free time, surrounded by European gems, with direct access to Belgium, France and Germany and just a stone’s throw from the likes of Amsterdam and Switzerland.

Salaries within the medical profession here are impressive; specialists do particularly well, taking home a whopping £282,000 per year on average. And here, GPs can find themselves on almost a specialist-level salary compared to anywhere else in the world, being paid upwards of £222,900 for their knowledge and skill set. Surgeons can scoop more than £163,000, lab technicians around £50k and nurses over £41,000.