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The top investment trends for 2022

We take a look at the biggest trend predictions for the new year – and for some, it could be their most financially abundant year yet.

By LLM Reporters  |  December 27, 2021
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The past couple of years have been tumultuous in more ways than one, and at any given moment it has been difficult to predict quite what is going to be around the next corner. But as 2021 draws to a close, we’re once again looking forward to the trends that are about to shape the new year, and keen investors are already making plans for a prosperous 2022.

With online trading platforms like Immediate Edge making trading cryptocurrencies more accessible than ever, there is little doubt that digital assets will remain at the forefront of our investment strategies – but with some dramatic fluctuations amongst leading cryptos like Bitcoin and Ether, as well as some intriguing newcomers to the digital currency scene, which will we be looking to pump our money into in the new year?

With a range of other emerging and exciting opportunities elsewhere in the investment world, cryptocurrencies won’t be the only assets to garner our attention in 2022, and we’ll be looking for new and untapped ways to grow our fortunes, too. Here, we take a look at the biggest trend predictions for the new year – and for some, it could be their most financially abundant year yet.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse
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On 28th October, Facebook founder, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the headlines when he announced that the popular social network would now become known as Meta, sending its share prices surging by 9 per cent as a result. But the most exciting reveal? The tech giant is now undertaking the huge project of creating ‘The Metaverse’ – an online virtual world based around augmented reality, 3D holographic avatars, videos and other communication tools.

The aim is to offer a hyper-real alternative world in which we can all coexist, and the project is expected to take up to a decade to be completed – which means now is the perfect time to get in early and invest. There are numerous different ways to do so, including buying into Facebook, virtual real estate or metaverse-linked cryptocurrencies – and those who act now could stand to make a considerable profit in the future should they make the right choices.


wind farm

With nations around the world having recently gathered to reaffirm their commitment to a greener way of life, sustainability remains a hot topic for 2022, and as we move towards going zero carbon over the coming years, the demand for renewable and more sustainable energy sources is greater than ever. The shift away from fossil fuels won’t happen overnight, and there are many obstacles overcome along the way – but one thing we know for certain is that the change is already happening now.

In the new year and beyond, we can expect to see greater exploration and advancement in renewable energy technologies, as well as the ongoing development of a practical roadmap towards a more sustainable future. If you haven’t invested in sustainable energy yet, then now is the time to do so – and if you’ve been thinking about making the shift to a more ethical investment portfolio, then this is a great place to start.



Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and with both Bitcoin and Ether – the two largest digital currencies – having surged to record highs back in November, it’s clear that their star is continuing to rise in spite of recent market volatility. Bitcoin had, prior to the arrival of Omicron, been predicted to climb as high as $100,000 this December, with other cryptos expected to follow suit (albeit to a much lesser degree). And, as the world continues to recover from the effects of the ongoing pandemic, we can expect to see them starting to gain ground once again.

Of course, not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, and the jury is still out on the likes of parody coins Dogecoin and Inu Shibu. Although Tesla head honcho and multi-billionaire Elon Musk’s opinions have been shown to dramatically influence market value (a single tweet has at times, been enough to send them skywards), there are still some concerns around whether the technology behind them can stand up to what might be demanded of it later down the line – but with prices still low, they remain wildcard choices that might just turn out to have been worth it in the long-run.

Litecoin, XRP and Binance Coin are also cryptocurrencies to consider investing in for 2022, with each having shown some promising spikes of late.

Disclaimer: Investing money carries risk, do so at your own risk and we advise people to never invest more money than they can afford to lose and to seek professional advice before doing so.