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Ways to make your Bitcoin journey a little bit easier

By LLM Reporters  |  May 15, 2021

As one of the most popular investment options of our time, Bitcoin – the world’s leading and most lucrative cryptocurrency – has been making waves in recent years, with its value topping $60,000 in spite of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and continuing to climb.

It’s little wonder that everyone seems to want to get their hands on a stash of Bitcoin to set themselves up for the future, but getting started in the trading world can feel overwhelming, particularly when you are new to making digital investments. Many newcomers to the scene struggle to make a profit without enough in-depth knowledge of the market to help them see success, with some even quitting before they’re off the starting block as a result.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, and with the right tools for the job, your Bitcoin journey can be smooth, enjoyable – and most importantly, profitable. 

If you’re thinking of dipping your toe into the waters of crypto trading this year, then these simple tips will help you to get off to a flying start, potentially turning your Bitcoin investment into a sizable nest-egg for the future.

Remote mining apps

bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining is the process by which new Bitcoins are entered into circulation

If you’ve decided to enter the world of Bitcoin through the Bitcoin mining method, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. Bitcoin mining is one of the most grueling ways to profit through Bitcoin these days, but nonetheless, it can be very worthwhile if you’re willing to be persistent. Other than requiring the acquisition of some eye-wateringly expensive equipment, Bitcoin mining can be very time-consuming, too – in most cases, you’ll need to monitor the process regularly, make adjustments, and ensure everything is running as it should be around the clock.

The good news is that there are some simple ways you can lighten the load and take the pressure off yourself. Remote mining apps, which can be quickly and easily downloaded on your mobile device, are a great way to go, and allow users to control their Bitcoin mining setup remotely from anywhere – whether you’re in the boardroom or on the beach. They might not free up your time as much as you’d like on their own, but they can offer more freedom, allowing you to move around and leave the house rather than having to remain perpetually glued to your computer screen. 

Automated trading

bitcoin trading
If you’re looking to start a Bitcoin trading venture, you might want to look into automated trading software

Bitcoin mining isn’t the only Bitcoin profit method that’s making things easier for users through the use of specialist software. If you’re looking to start a Bitcoin trading venture, you might want to look into automated trading software on the News Spy official website. In essence, apps like these were created in order to give users a much more low-effort alternative to traditional Bitcoin trading, and use AI technology to gather relevant Bitcoin data online so that they can make predictions on which investment opportunities are likely to be the most profitable.

The best thing about it is that the entire process is automated, which means that users don’t have to invest much time into watching and making multiple manual adjustments via an app. Instead, the interaction required is minimal, with only a few minutes needed here and there to keep things on track. By comparison, traditional Bitcoin trading is a much more tedious endeavour. Unless they’re willing to go in completely blind and potentially suffer huge losses, users need to spend hours of their precious time learning the ins and outs of the crypto world and all of the complexities that come with it, which isn’t ideal for busy individuals – so it’s easy to see why automation has taken off.

Bitcoin games

If the other options we’ve covered haven’t tickled your fancy, then we’re sure this one will. Bitcoin and entertainment are becoming more in sync by the day, and the latest trend towards Bitcoin games is one that users are going wild over.  

For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin games, these browser games can be accessed through your phone or computer from anywhere. Most of them take inspiration from retro arcades, so besides making for a fun and action-packed pastime, they can also offer a good dose of nostalgia.

The best thing about such games? They also double as a Bitcoin profit option. If you’re an avid gamer who already spends their free time playing video games, switching to Bitcoin games can be a profitable way to monetise your hobby.

Of course, there are some things you should keep in mind, as while these titles can be very entertaining, they have yet to measure up to most of the classic video games that are doing the rounds on the market right now. If you’re expecting the same level of effort put into Bitcoin games that Triple-A titles get, you might end up a bit disappointed – but they’re still a great way to enjoy your downtime and potentially make a profit out of doing so.

The bottom line

Bitcoin trading doesn’t have to be stressful or tedious, and the technological advancements available to make the entire process easier today mean that it’s something just about anyone can get started with. No longer are expert knowledge of the market and years of trading experience necessary to reach your goals, and with a few simple tricks, you could soon be turning a tidy profit from your endeavours.

Disclaimer: Investing money carries risk, do so at your own risk and we advise people to never invest more money than they can afford to lose and to seek professional advice before doing so.