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What is a high-roller? All you need to know about those in the casino big leagues

By LLM Reporters on 25th March 2021

There’s nothing quite like the bright lights, glamour and all-round thrill of a night at the casino, and if you’ve ever visited the Vegas Strip or the old, yet still incredibly sophisticated, casinos of Monaco, then no doubt you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

From complete beginners to seasoned pros, everyone can find enjoyment in a game of Roulette or Blackjack – but none quite as much as the high-roller. These big money players are the ones with the deepest pockets and the biggest tolerance of risk, who are not afraid to go all in for the chance to win the jackpot.

This might well be you – but if it isn’t, you’ve no doubt enjoyed watching someone who is at the games tables in the past, and perhaps even felt a yearning to have the same level of grit. Big risk-taking like this isn’t for everyone, but it usually draws in crowds of spectators, all of whom are eager to see whether the latest respected high-roller is set to win, or lose.

Being a high-roller isn’t just about having a name or placing big bets, it’s an entire lifestyle

Being a high-roller isn’t just about having a sizeable bank balance and a fat wallet to match – and to officially earn the label, you need to do more than just place eye-wateringly large bets. You also have to walk the walk, talk the talk and pay your dues. Tipping the croupiers big and ensuring that you arrive in style will all get you some way towards earning the title – and the respect of other regular casino players who come to see you play.

Being a high-roller isn’t just about having a name; it’s an entire lifestyle. We asked the experts at leading high roller casino and bonuses website to break it down for us.

Who are the world’s biggest high-rollers?

The world’s biggest high rollers are always rich, and often, famous too. Some of the most notable include the likes of Michael Jordan, George Clooney and Tiger Woods – each of whom walk with the swagger and are regularly seen splashing the cash to support the name, but most importantly, have the guts required to see through some painfully large bets.

Michael Jordan golfing
Michael Jordan has reportedly been known to blow upwards of $1 million in just one game of golf. Image credit: Flowski/

Jordan, who famously led the Chicago Bulls to become six-time NBA Champions, has amassed a huge fortune over the years – not just from the beautiful game itself, but from the scores of brand endorsements and partnerships he has continued to land ever since. But it seems that he is just accustomed to spending huge sums of money as he is to seeing them land in his bank account, as he has reportedly been known to blow upwards of $1 million in just one game of golf.

Clooney, meanwhile, has long been associated with the extravagant world of casinos – both on-screen, and off. Regularly rocking up to the tables of Las Vegas in style whenever he’s in the city to spend, spend, spend, it seems he doesn’t always win it all back. It is thought that he once lost 26 straight hands of high-stakes Blackjack in just one night – but that has never stopped him coming back for more.

What it takes to be a high-roller

If you want the fame, you have to play the game – so if you’re eager to win a formidable reputation amongst other gamblers, then refusing to walk the walk won’t get you far. There are many casino players around the world who like to think of themselves as ‘whales’ or ‘big money players’, but very few are willing to go all in, and even fewer have the grit and determination required to see a risky game through.

Those with the best cars and the most expensive designer clothes might look the part, but seasoned casino players can spot an act a mile off. It is only those who go all-out in pursuit of that next big win, and who keep coming back for more regardless of the outcome, that are truly deserving of this title.

The Venetian Macau
Game tables at The Venetian Macau are likely to attract high-rollers – the destination amasses more annual revenue than Las Vegas. Image credit: bennymarty/

Of course, those who are most impressed by such players are the casinos themselves, and in popular casino destinations like Vegas, competing establishments battle it out to attract them in. From expensive bottles of champagne to free luxury hotel stays, nothing is too much to gift a high-roller – as long as they keep on coming back for more.

You could say that it’s for this reason casino resorts in Vegas have become quite as extravagant as they have – and it seems that they have hit the spot, as it remains one of the most popular haunts amongst big money players.

Even so, Vegas has competition, and today, some of the biggest spenders bypass the strip to head straight to Macau. This Asian destination is fast becoming seen as one of the most lavish gambling spots in the world and has already surpassed Vegas when it comes to annual revenue.

The bottom line

High-rollers might appear to have plenty of perks bestowed upon them, but you can be sure that they have had to risk some eye-watering amounts of the money for the privilege. Of course, when money is no object and you have more than you know what to do with, all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so scary – but even so, not everyone has the nerve to see it through.

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