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What to spend a mega jackpot win on

By LLM Reporters on 17th December 2018

If you’re partial to a bit of a flutter, then there’s no better time of year to head to the casino or buy that lottery ticket than Christmas. A mega jackpot win could make this one a festive season you’ll never forget – and give you an exciting start to the brand new year, too.

If you’ve often dreamed of scooping the jackpot, the chances are that you’ll have already thought of a few ways you’d like to spend the money, but rather than frittering it away on a few must-have items, we say go big or go home! And, if you’ve been lucky enough to actually make that dream a reality and cash out of your favourite online casino with pocketsful of cash or scoop an astronomical jackpot on the lottery, then there are plenty of lavish ways to make it count.

We’ve rounded up five of the ultimate things to spend your mega jackpot win on – the only thing left to decide is, which one to go for first!

A private jet

Whilst a new home may be the first thing you think of spending your wealth on, travel will no doubt come high on your list, too. And, if you’re going to be jet-setting a lot more, then it’s only fitting that you do it in style.

First class travel is the ultimate extravagance, but why not go one better and treat yourself to a luxury private jet? Let’s face it, they’re all in your price range once you’ve hit the jackpot, so you’ll be free to take your pick. Even better, most private jets can be custom designed to include a range of extra features – so you can kit yours out to fit your requirements, and travel in the utmost opulence. The only thing left to decide is how many seats you’ll need so that you can bring all your friends and family along for the ride.

A superyacht

If you prefer to take to the seas than the skies, then a luxury superyacht could be the ultimate jackpot-win purchase. For just £24m, you could have your own palatial home on the water, complete with on-board crew who will be ready and willing to cater to your every need. The 122m long Alexander, for example, has a crew of 60, all waiting on board to look after up to 80 guests – and with a 27-seat cinema, disco bar, beauty salon, heliport and even a small hospital, there’s little need to return to dry land ever again! Just stock well with champagne, and you’re good to go – how about a trip to Ibiza, or the Caribbean island of St. Barths?

Your own private island

If travelling abroad to some of the hottest spots in the world doesn’t quite cut it and you’re hankering after your own privacy, why not really splash out and treat yourself to your own private island? If the idea of frittering away thousands on a luxury hotel each time you holiday doesn’t appeal, then it could be the answer you’re looking for, leaving you free to relax and unwind in a secret slice of paradise, and well away from prying eyes.

A private, 222-acre in the Bahamas should do the trick – and for just a cool $60 million, it could be yours for the taking.

Have your own casino built


If you’ve won a big money prize in a casino, and continue to enjoy a flutter or two, then what better way to invest your money than in building your very own? Not only can you schmooze with the other high-rollers on a nightly basis, but you can also use it to multiply your wealth.

According to a 2012 article by, the cost of building the Hollywood Casino in Toledo was a mere $300 million. An eye watering amount, but one that could be your ticket to exponential and long-lasting wealth – this is one business venture that could yield even bigger profits than a lottery win. 

A private butler

When you’ve got millions stashed in your bank account, you can afford to pay others to do those little jobs you hate – so why not hire your own private butler?

From cleaning and ironing to shopping and admin, a butler can take all the stress out of your daily life. The modern butler doubles as an all-purpose household manager, and can act as a valet, chef or bodyguard – as well as keeping the rest of your domestic staff in check. Not only that, but they can organise those show-stopping dinner parties you long to throw for your guests – leaving you free to sit back, relax and enjoy.

When money is no object, the possibilities are endless – all you have to do is decide which lavish purchase to make first. The luxury lifestyle is yours for the taking – so make every second count.