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The biggest and most glamorous horse racing events in the UK

By LLM Reporters on 9th October 2019

In Britain, tradition is important. Events and activities from centuries gone by are still upheld to this day, with the masses of British public and tourists enjoying the likes of the trooping the colour, the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, and the unmissable horse racing events that go on throughout the year.

Horse racing dates back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and Syria. The competition first began on chariots, but that was deemed too dangerous, and so the sport evolved over centuries to what it is today. It is still quite popular all around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. The British love to watch traditional horse racing derbies and placing bets – with lots of people getting their betting knowledge from the experts at

We have rounded up some of the elite horse racing events to experience in the United Kingdom.

No racecourse captures the quintessential British racing experience quite like Ascot. Image credit: Kurt Pacaud/

The Cheltenham Festival

This festival has a rounded value of over £4 million pounds in winnings, making it one of the most loved horse racing events in the UK. The whole event is a four-day experience that allows visitors to catch a race or two on the day of their choosing. The horse race attracts a vast multitude of people, including both adults and children. People who are of age are allowed to bet on the horses they love, and get to watch their wager (hopefully) win the race. Of all the ways to bet or gamble, horse racing is definitely one of the most exciting ones, with the adrenaline of the race, the speed of the horses and the energy of the watching crowd surrounding you.

The Ladbrokes Gold Cap

Formerly known as the Hennessy Gold Cap, this is a grand annual event that is reserved for horses over the age of four. The Ladbrokes Gold Cap is a Grade 3 National Hunt steeplechase race. Located in Newbury, the horses run throughout three miles and two furlongs with a total of twenty-one jumps. The competition is a handicap race, meaning the horses carry different weights. The faster animals take on heavier weights to even out the chances of a win, putting them on a level peg with much slower horses. As a gambler, you place your wager on the horse you think will overcome the load to win the race.

finishing line at cheltenham race course
The Cheltenham Festival is the showcase of National Hunt, aka jump racing, in England

The Grand National

This is yet another annually held horse racing event that takes place in Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool. This national hunt race is a handicap steeplechase race that extends for four miles and two and a half furlongs. Along this range, the horses jump thirty fences over two laps. It is regarded as one of the most challenging steeplechases in the world due to the long distance the horses have to run. The jumps are also considered a bit more challenging when compared to other obstacles used in different events.

The Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot stretches over a period of five days, with different categories of horse races. The races are, however, not the only thing worth visiting Ascot for. Restaurants and other food vendors set up their tents to provide tasty food and refreshments throughout the races. The five days also have spots of entertainment incorporated into the festival program. As you would expect, people are allowed to gamble on the horses of their choice and witness as they make their way through the course and jump through the hurdles. The British also love the socialising aspect of going to the races, which is particularly of note at Royal Ascot.

Epsom Derby

The Epsom Derby is a group one flat horse race open to three year old fillies and colts. The competition occurs over a distance of one mile, four furlongs and six yards in Surrey at the Epsom Downs Racecourse. This event is the most prestigious of the five classes, and it also includes Britain’s richest races ever.

The Epsom Derby is a group one flat horse race open to three year old fillies and colts

King George VI Chase

This event is a Grade 1 national hunt steeplechase event open to horses that are four years and older. The horses get to run a distance of three miles and jump over eighteen fences. King George VI takes place in Kempton Park, scheduled to take place every year on Boxing Day, right after Christmas.

Epsom Oaks

The Oaks is a Group one flat horse race that is open to three year old fillies. This race also takes place at the Epsom Downs racecourse in Surrey, and the horses run the same distance as they do during the Epsom Derby. It is also an annual event that occurs either at the end of May or early June.

Please gamble responsibly (18+ UK) – check age restrictions before participating