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The most expensive poker sets of all time

By LLM Reporters on 10th October 2019

Poker is one of the most played card game across the globe. It is a game that involves a combination of strategy, fun and skills. At almost any get together, someone has a deck of cards and the night ends with a game or two. Since its inception, poker has been appreciated by people from all walks of life. As well as indulging in the game for leisure, others have taken it a step further as the years have gone on, and technology has continued to advance, with the invention of online poker.

Accessed from any part of the world by the touch of a button, online poker is a game loved by the high rollers who participate in various digital poker games using codes ranging from the popular Ladbrokes bonus to the Coral £20 Welcome Bonus. These games could include Texas hold ’em, Razz, and Chinese poker, to mention only a few, and due to the variety of games under the poker umbrella, professional players use what is known as a ‘set’. These sets come in different styles, colors, names, and most importantly, prices. As the top gamblers love exclusive, high-end sets, this prompted the making of some of the most valuable collections in the world. Here they are.

Cartier’s Bold Poker Set

Gamblers will turn heads when they walk into a game holding this $10,000 poker set from Cartier. Believe it or not, the famous watch and jewelry designer Louis-François Cartier made poker sets beside his jewels. These limited edition sets were made in a small number and only available to the elite at the time. The Cartier bold poker kit has 360 chips in five assorted colours. It also has two decks of cards, and five gold-coated reddish-black dice neatly packed in an elegant briefcase.

Lancelot Lancaster White – Buckingham Poker Box

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This case is valued at an estimate of around $28,000. The Lancelot Lancaster White-Buckingham poker box is a work of art where creativity and craftsmanship are showcased at their best. Linzi Davis designed the 20 handmade ebony inlaid poker boxes that come with brass fittings, and 18-carat rose gold. The poker box is customisable where you can choose to engrave your name or another meaningful message. This is the epitome of exclusivity. Not only do you get a set of high value, but one with your name on it, made just for you.

Vintage Cartier Poker Set

This is yet another work of art that Mr. Cartier came up with. It has a subtle design with chips made of a special kind of plastic rare to find up to this day. The vintage poker chips are treasured because they contain the original Cartier design. The case is worth $30,000 because of its rarity in the market. Only the chosen few get to possess this set.

The Meteorite Poker Set

The Meteorite Poker set is valued at an astounding $150,000, packed with 120 chips, five ivory dice and a complete set of cards. The Swedish Jeweler Stahl designed all these parts exclusively for the Meteorite set. The collection and everything in it is made of 18-Carat white gold and adorned with precious stones like rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. The dice are crafted from the Swedish woolly mammoth bone. The outside of the case is made of finely polished leather while the inside features delicate reindeer calfskin. The chips are perhaps the Crown Jewels of this set and contribute most to the skyscraping price – they are made from an iron meteorite dated more than 800,000 years back.

Geoffrey Parker Poker Set

This set tops the list with a market price of $7.5 million. The poker chips are made with expensive 18-Carat white gold and are diamond-encrusted. The case is covered in alligator hide and has a white gold lock decorated with diamonds. Perhaps most impressively, the set has 384 chips that are color-coded using coordinating precious gems; rubies for the red chips, sapphires for blue chips, emeralds for green, white gold for white and black for the black chips. As if that’s not grand enough, the four decks of playing cards are platinum finished. If one wishes to own this set, an order must be placed a year in advance and you are required to pay up upfront for the manufacture to commence.

Please gamble responsibly (18+ UK) – check age restrictions before participating