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10 top tips for the perfect eyebrow shape

Words by professional hair stylist Tiffany Brenning

Many women spend plenty of time tweaking their eyebrows to realize that seamless bow. The process, of course, is a tiresome and sometimes hurting process. However, thick eyebrows have emerged as the trend today, so you can say goodbye to your tweezers for the meantime. Renowned brow expert Elke von Freudenberg says it’s about time to fix your eyebrows. Follow the do’s and don’ts to make the difference and get that ideal eyebrow shape.

1.Right Style

Pick the style that you want. Thick eyebrow shapes are trendy. Decide whether thicker brows or the traditional and arched look will be more suitable for you. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw your preferred form and use it as a guide to identify hairs you need to pull out.

2.Avoid Mirrors that Magnify

Avoid the magnifying mirror since this will make it appear there are more hairs to pluck when in reality there are only a few. While plucking, move back several steps from the mirror occasionally to check the results. The proper distance will allow you to balance the brows better and stay away from an uneven shape.

eye brows
Avoid the magnifying mirror since this will make it appear there are more hairs to pluck when in reality there are only a few

3.Buy the Correct Tweezer

If you’re bent on using tweezers, make sure to buy the right one, so you’ll find it easy to pull out your brows. Never use the type with sharp edges. Otherwise, you may end up plucking your skin and not only the unwanted hairs. Look for tweezers with slanted borders because these are easier to control. Besides, you won’t be pulling out a lot of hairs.

4.Don’t Over-Trim

Some women make the mistake of trimming more than the necessary length. Three areas that you need to pluck are between the eyebrows, beneath them for thinning out if needed, and slightly on top of the brows. The procedure will keep your brows trim and shipshape. Don’t rush in tweezing since you cannot restore these hairs anymore.

5.Do not Mess with your Brows

Refrain from tinkering with your eyebrows. You certainly don’t need to remove hairs daily. People will not notice a few stray hairs sticking out. Leave your brows alone after achieving the desired shape. Or else, you will be left without any hairs by making adjustments and pulling them out all day. Style the arcs using a good brow brush and pull the strands upward at the start of your curve. Brush the leftovers toward the bottom of your eye.

6.Tweeze after Bathing

Tweeze after taking a shower which is the time your skin is soft, so hairs will come out without any snag. Or, wash your face first with warm water if you did not take a shower. Place a hot and wet fabric made of wool above your brows for at least 10 minutes ahead of tweezing. Never shave even with razors. It is not the proper way to shape up. Besides, you risk getting cut or scratched.

7.Consistent Grooming

Ideally, the brows should bend at the peak parallel with the outer perimeter of your iris and end up at a 45-degree angle from the corner of your eye. The perfectly trimmed brow looks natural, spruce and chic. Groom by working toward sections until you reach the end of your forehead. There should be a consistent look. If a particular part looks bulky, go back and take out that mass.

8.Condition your Brows

See to it your brows look conditioned and hydrated. Apply some oil before going to bed and leave this on overnight. This ritual will keep your eyebrows in excellent condition and help solidify them as well.

women face model
Refrain from tinkering with your eyebrows

9.Brushing is Necessary

Hairs on your brows are the same as those on the head. These require constant brushing using a brow brush that keeps hairs fit and nurtures the growth of dense hairs. Arching does not mean you need two perfect half circles or curves. The shape must match your facial features. In other words, clean up the extra hair for better framing of your eyes.

10.Use your Pencil

Finally, make use of an eyebrow pencil or powder to achieve full brows and fill up bare patches. The best color is one that resembles the natural shade of your hair closely. Highlight with the pencil after trimming. It is an essential step for women to shape their brows and attain that flawlessly defined appearance.

The Bottom Line

You may not think that eyebrows will make a difference, but they do. The truth is they can modify the overall look of your face. Thick brows are fashionable, but these should not look too broad and scruffy. Uncovering these secrets can get you that beautiful and picture-perfect look. Eyebrows have not only become a fad but the beauty fixation of this generation. So, see to it that you take good care of these treasures for these form part of your image as a charming and gorgeous-looking woman.