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2019 male hair trends: 6 top barbers give us their predictions for the year ahead

man long hair on top short on side

Longer hair styles and shorter beards will be the key male grooming trends in the UK this year, a number of leading barbers have predicted.

Gone are the days of the classic short back and sides as image conscious men are now starting to opt for more longer, natural looking styles, with the “box office elite” and “current street wear brands” having a big influence on this growing trend.

We spoke to six barber ambassadors from premium male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge for the low down.

longer hair male model
Longer hair styles and shorter beards will be the key male grooming trends in the UK this year

Vincent Quinn – Hard Grind, Dundee

“Current street wear brands are definitely influencing the hairstyles that my customers are asking for. And it’s all about the resurgence of the 90s! The vintage/retro movement is hijacking the limelight from the usual major men’s fashion brands, showing how youth culture is making its stamp.

“Hairstyles like the bowl cut, the wedge cut and classic curtains are very much in trend for youngsters at the moment; especially when paired with loosely turned-up jeans and a FILA jacket. Barbers are better and more technically trained now too, so these cuts are being treated professionally and adapted to avoid the ‘cut at home in the dark’ vibe.

“Beards are becoming shorter again, and the transition length between stubble and beard seems to be the ‘in’ length. Necklines and cheek lines are also more faded than sharp, giving a more roguish, gritty look.”

man hair barbershop
Men are starting to opt for more longer, natural looking styles

Callum Marks – Luka’s Barbers, Plymouth

“I cut a lot of textured crops, high fades, and skin fades in 2018; but fewer slicked-back pompadours. I can see this year following suit, particularly with those styles that boast a lot more texture. I think we’re reaching the backend of the high and tight craze too. This will make way for more subtle tapers that meet longer, textured hair.

“Scissor work will be huge this year. And colour is getting bigger and bigger for guys that like to stand out from the crowd. I’m hoping to see some contemporary mod inspired cuts coming through, paying more attention to the hair’s natural flow, rather than blunt contrasts.

“Loads of my guys are ditching their big, Viking-like beards as well. That’s not to say they’re shaving back to bare skin, though! Instead, they’re going for lower maintenance looks. A great example is a combination of short stubble and a full moustache.

“Beard products will continue to be popular in 2019; while shaving products may continue to sit in reserve – confined to being used to shape-up neck and cheek lines. I can’t see the clean shaven look sweeping the nation any time soon.”

lace front wigs
Beards are becoming shorter again

Ollie Foster – Number 47 Barbers, Chester

“For me, 2019 is finally going to see the full return of longer hair. It’s exciting, as this time around more barbers are competent working with length – they’re not just specialists in short back and sides anymore! Barbers are now seen as hybrids between their historic roots and more modern hairdressing.

“As far as beards go, I’ve started to advise my clients to adopt shorter facial hair. When dealing with designer stubble I always recommend a tapered neck as opposed to a straight line too. This is because of the natural way it will grow out. Your barber should be confident with their shaving services too; at Number 47 Barbers we always like to line-up beards with a cut-throat razor to give a sharp and fresh finish.”

Hairpieces for men uk
Barbershops across the UK are now offering services such as beard trims

Liam Hamilton – Hamilton’s Barbers, Redruth

“Loads of my clients have been asking me to make them look like Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, and Brad Pitt recently. I tell them I’m a barber, not a miracle worker!

“But when you look into the thatch that these celebs are currently modelling on their heads, there’s a clear trend for medium-to-long length styles. Considering their influence, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these looks throughout 2019.

“Beards are getting shorter for sure. And, again, this is being driven by celebrity trends. In particular, these trends are being set among the box office elite. For example, how many of the Avengers donned designer stubbles and short beards in Infinity War last year?”

The Bluebeards Revenge offers a number of top male grooming products

Luigi Caterino – The Italian Job Barber, Galashiels

“In 2019, I’m expecting to see a lot of clean fades with longer hair on top. The gents in my shop are all asking for a little more length.

“Regarding beards, I’m expecting to see lots of guys taking their facial fuzz shorter. It’s no great secret that men are taking better care of their beards today.”

Sophie Collins – Soph’s Barbershop, Llanbedr, North Wales

“A lot of my clients are asking to keep their beards reasonably short, faded down from the hair into the cheeks. A few are also asking me to shorten the hair in the middle of their chins, emphasising their moustaches and goatees.

“I think a lot of this is because people are seeing it more with celebrities and social media influencers. More than ever, men are desperate to keep up with the latest trends set by social media elitists.”