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3 of the biggest perfumes trends in the industry to look for in 2022

From diversity and inclusion to sustainability and creative new scents, we look at what’s in store for the perfume industry in 2022.

By LLM Reporters  |  February 9, 2022

As we continue on through this still fresh year, there are some key luxury perfume trends worth knowing about when considering your purchases. We can’t deny the fact the effects of the global pandemic continue to ripple across many industries, including the luxury fragrance space, but despite this, the industry still stands strong, and it’s now growing at an impressive pace.

In fact, several luxury brands are working to discover ingredients, floral essences and, more importantly, beautiful glass bottles to house signature fragrances, with their focus shifting more towards sustainability.

Lately, consumers have been concerned about the environmental impact of their favourite fragrances. There are also concerns about whether their signature scents comprise natural or synthetic ingredients, and the same questions apply to perfume packaging. Luxury brands understand that if they don’t address these issues, they might lose customers and, as a result, these brands are adapting to become more sustainable while still delivering high-quality fragrances.

Besides the focus on sustainability, there are other trends to look for in the luxury fragrance industry in 2022, and we have highlighted the top three below.

The era of diversification and inclusivity

Diversity and inclusion were dominant trends in luxury fragrance in 2021, and they are set to continue this year. Throughout 2021, luxury perfume companies and consumers alike held discussions around gender fluidity with an emphasis on diversification and inclusivity, this prompted the emergence of a new generation of standards for the beauty and perfume industry.

According to reports, consumers are more likely to support perfume companies that put the needs of underrepresented communities first. Also, they are more likely to buy products made by independent brands or perfume brands owned by minorities. Generation Z and millennial consumers drive this trend, with a report by Mintel highlighting that 59 percent of adults aged between 18 and 34 years are interested in unisex perfumes.

There’s a rising trend with consumers buying luxury scents as gifts, as such, increasing the sales of luxurious brands worldwide

Renowned perfume houses like Christian Dior, Phluid, and Non-Gender Specific are now striving to uphold and embrace their consumers’ values and fluid gender views. This way, they can avoid distancing an influential consumer group. 

Diversity does not apply only to the products, but also to the marketing of fragrances, and there’s a need to find other ways to get concepts out there to an audience than as shown in previous campaigns. In addition, we expect to see more representation in terms of the models employed in perfume marketing adverts to promote inclusion.

The emergence of exciting scents

2022 looks to be a year full of exciting new fragrances, some of these include:

Green Tea: Most people associate the smell of green tea with cosiness, relaxation, and comfort, so it’s no surprise to see luxury perfumes featuring green notes by the end of the year. In fact, Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert made their own perfume with green tea notes, the Jean-Claude Ellena. 

Peach: Fruit notes are not new in the perfume industry, and this year you might enjoy signature scents with rich and creamy or radiant and sheer peach notes. You can grab yourself a peachy scent today like Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey, Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach, or Cacharel’s Yes I’m Glorious.

Citrus: Chances are you’re not new to citrus fragrances, but the crisp, zingy and refreshing scent is ever evolving, so there’s a high probability we will see more variants of it this year. Already, some luxury brands have released their citrus scents to the market, like Valentino Donna’s Born in Roman Yellow Dream and Atelier Cologne’s Lemon Island.

Escape scents: You will probably hear the term ‘escapist fragrance’ throughout 2022. This is a new blend of scents introduced to evoke the idea of a vacation, with fragrances delivering a sense of relaxation on a beach. This will come in handy for individuals stuck at home due to the pandemic, Versace Dylan Turquoise is an example of escapist scents.

High price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality scents, so always aim to find a fragrance that complements your personality and meets your needs

Luxury fragrances sales will increase

The luxury fragrance industry will continue to experience significant growth thanks to increasing demand from millennials. Today’s young population is brand aware and often willing to spend more on high-quality products. 

Remember, most millennials are computer literate and are likely to buy fragrances on online platforms according to their loyalty to a specific brand. This is encouraging key players to create several fragrance and offer customised packaging of luxury perfumes. This move makes luxurious products affordable and increases brand sales and overall industry growth.

Besides that, there’s a rising trend with consumers buying luxury scents as gifts, as such, increasing the sales of luxurious brands worldwide. Additionally, endorsements from social media influencers and celebrities will further boost the luxury scent market growth this year and in years to come.

Are luxury perfumes worth buying? 

Most people opt for luxury perfume brands because they think they only contain natural ingredients, but this is not always the case. For instance, most expensive fragrances contain musk – today you can’t find natural musk since the hunting of deer and beavers was banned, so most of these perfumes contain synthetic ingredients.

In most cases, the price of perfumes depends on the rarity and cost of ingredients, only a small part of the price is based on the material that makes the storage bottle and packaging box. There are a lot of high-quality perfumes out there that last longer and leave quite a strong impression with varying price tags. Keep in mind, high price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality scents, so always aim to find a fragrance that complements your personality and meets your needs.