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3 tips for choosing the perfect accessories to complement your suit

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Edward Pritchard is the manager of the upmarket men’s fashion online retailer, Pritchards. Today he shares his top tips for picking out the perfect accessories to complement your suit for work or a special event.

There’s nothing like a high-quality suit to make you feel confident and put-together, but it isn’t always easy to decide which accessories will do the best job of complementing your look.

There are a range of factors you need to consider when picking out the accessories you’re going to pair with your suit, from the colour of the fabric, to what kind of look you’re going for. Here, I’m going to offer my advice that will help you to pick out the best watch, belt, and tie to suit your needs. Luxury Lifestyle Magazine also has a guide to choosing the right shoes for your suit, which is great if you need some help in the footwear department, too.

Pick out a classic watch with a complementary strap

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A luxury watch is the ultimate accessory when you want to look put-together and professional

A luxury watch is the ultimate accessory when you want to look put-together and professional. There are some tricks you can use to ensure your chosen timepiece will work with your suit, rather than against it. But remember that it isn’t just your jacket and trousers that you need to think about — you also need to consider your other accessories in order to create a completely cohesive look.

Any stainless steel or silver watch will work with most looks but, if you’re interested in investing in a watch with a leather strap, it’s best to match this to your other essentials. So, if you’re planning to pair a black belt and shoes with your suit, a black leather watch strap will complete the set. Alternatively, if you’re opting for a chestnut brown belt and matching shoes, a watch in the same hue will be the best choice.

I would also recommend keeping things quite simple with your watch — so, try to avoid those with overly complicated faces that might detract from your beautifully tailored suit. You want your accessories to elevate rather than take over your look, so simple but stylish is best.

Choose a simple belt in the right colour

When you’re wearing a suit, a belt is non-negotiable

When you’re wearing a suit, a belt is non-negotiable; not only will wearing one help to ensure your trousers fit perfectly, but it’ll also do a great job of finishing your look off.

I would recommend picking out a simple leather belt that will work for any occasion. And, of course, the ideal colour will depend on that of your suit. A dark brown belt will be the most versatile, as it will work with a variety of different suits, although it will look best with one in navy or dark grey. A classic black belt is going to work very well with monochromatic looks, so one of these will be a great choice if you typically only wear light grey, charcoal, or black trousers. Alternatively, a tan belt will complement a navy or earth-toned suit wonderfully.

You also need to think about matching your metals. So, make sure the buckle of your chosen belt will go well with your watch and any other jewellery you wear.

Opt for a tie that will add an extra dash of style to your look

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Every man should have a collection of high-quality and stylish ties in his wardrobe

Every man should have a collection of high-quality and stylish ties in his wardrobe. By switching up this one accessory, you can create countless different looks.

However, in order for this to work, you need to choose your ties very carefully. You don’t want your tie to fade into the background so, as a general rule, it’s best to opt for one in a slightly darker hue to your suit — a pattern can also work well, as long as you keep the colour palette simple.

In order to decide what colour tie is going to be best, you also need to consider what kind of look you’re going for. If you’re trying to put together an understated outfit, a similar colour to your suit will work well. So, for example, if your suit is navy, a tie in green or a different shade of blue will look great. But, if you would like to make more of a statement, create a colour clash by opting for a tie in a totally different (by still complementary) colour. For example, red can look fantastic with a blue suit, while a purple tie will contrast beautifully against a grey blazer.

Take these tips on board, and you should have no trouble picking out the perfect accessories to match your suits. So, you’ll be able to dress to impress for every special occasion you add to your calendar.