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5 luxury essentials to fill your wardrobe with this winter: The accessories you can’t live without

We take a look at the five top essentials to add to your wardrobe now to ensure you’re fully prepped for a season of sartorial success.

By LLM Reporters  |  December 24, 2021
Smiling woman wearing wool bonnet and scarf in a winter cold day

It’s officially winter warmer weather, and with the coldest months of the year ahead of us, we’re turning our attention to getting cosy. Having thoroughly assessed the new season fashion trends and shopped accordingly, our wardrobes are packed to the brim with the latest designer must-have dresses, coats and skirts – but let’s not forget that accessories are the key to fashion success, so if you’ve forgotten to replenish your finishing touches for the winter months and overhaul your current collection, then now is the time to do so.

From soft and sumptuous hats and gloves to stylish winter sunglasses, January and February are all about keeping warm without compromising on style. Here, we take a look at the five top essentials to add to your wardrobe now to ensure you’re fully prepped for a season of sartorial success.

The thigh high sock

Tights and socks might not be the first items you think of when compiling your winter wardrobe, but they’re actually one of the most important – not just keeping you warm, but pulling together all manner of stylish and sophisticated outfits to create maximum impact. Let’s face it, baring our pale legs is the last thing we want to be doing in sub-zero temperatures, so it’s time to stock up – but this season, we’re moving away from short, lace-topped socks and opaque black tights in favour of thigh high socks – the ultimate fashion accessory for winter 2022.

First enjoying popularity back in the 60s and continuing to reign throughout the seventies, our favourite type of sock enjoyed a brief renaissance in the 1990s thanks to the release of iconic movie Clueless, and now, they are back once more. According to Sockshop – stockists of a range of high-end and luxury sock brands including Elle, Pringle and Jeff Banks, socks are the unsung heroes of our wardrobes, and we couldn’t agree more. We’ll be wearing our thigh-highs under long boots for added warmth, and with mini skirts to make the ultimate style statement.

ear muffs
If you’re not a ‘hat person’, then a cosy pair of earmuffs are the perfect solution for keeping those ears warm

The ear muff

If you thought that ear muffs were reserved for children and the occasional ski holiday, then think again – because these stylish warmers were big news at Prada, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld during the recent London Fashion Week. And if some of the world’s most respected luxury designers say we should all be wearing them, then who are we to argue?

If you’re not a ‘hat person’, then a cosy pair of earmuffs are the perfect solution for keeping those ears warm. But don’t be tempted to match them to your winter boots, because there IS such a thing as a trend too far.

The winter sunglasses

Who said sunglasses were just for the summer? Certainly not us, and we’ll use any excuse to pop on our latest favourite pair after a heavy night during party season. Every fashionista’s secret weapon when it comes to hiding a multitude of sins, the winter months are the perfect time to upgrade your collection – particularly if you wore your latest line-up to death earlier in the year.

Our top picks? Ray Bans’ latest twist on the iconic Clubmaster – the Clubmaster Round – or a classic oversized pair from Gucci or Chloe. We’re also still loving Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne’s modern bug-eye twist on the 70s chunky-framed shades.

stylish sunglasses
Wearing your sunglasses when it’s cold is just as important as shielding you from the sun’s rays when it’s warm

The fingerless glove

If you’re of the school of thought that fingerless gloves defeat the object of wearing gloves in the first place, then think again. For starters, you can’t possibly hope to operate your smartphone whilst wearing the traditional variety – so it’s little wonder that winter style has evolved to reflect our modern lifestyles.

These days, we’re all about functionality, and doing up buttons and zips, opening mail and typing emails are all daily tasks we need our fingers for. So, fingerless gloves might just be here to stay, keeping our hands warm but leaving us free to continue with our tasks, and looking pretty darn stylish while doing it.

The balaclava

Yes, this is quite possibly one of the most unusual luxury winter accessory line-ups of recent years – but as the pandemic continues, we’re looking for new ways to stay masked up while keeping warm. Enter, the balaclava – which despite being previously associated only with unsavoury crimes, have become a new season must-have for winter. According to data recently released by fashion app Depop, there’s been a 145 percent spike in searches for balaclavas over the past couple of months, and with the likes of designer heavyweights Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney backing the trend with their own super-luxe takes on the traditional balaclava, you might just find yourself wearing one sooner than you think.