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5 luxury Father’s Day gift ideas for the super stylish dad

Finding great gifts for Father’s Day isn’t as hard as you think.

By LLM Reporters  |  June 1, 2022
Businessman with luxury wrist watch indoors, closeup

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start shopping for that perfect gift to show yours just how much he means to you – but buying for men can be tricky, especially if it’s for the type who already seems to have it all.

Nevertheless, the stylish dad is somewhat easier to please, and there are some great options out there that are almost certain to please any sartorial male. Looking good all the time and maintaining a perfectly polished image takes effort, but with a few simple garments and accessories on hand, it suddenly becomes much simpler.

If you’re happy to blow the budget and splurge on something special to really make his day, then look no further, because these luxurious gift ideas are our top picks for the stylish dad this Father’s Day.

A cooling t-shirt

 Fioboc Men's Tech Cooling Short-Sleeve Luminous Logo T-Shirt

As the temperature begins to rise and we head quickly towards the summer, the sartorial dad will know all too well that sweat patches can quickly ruin even the most stylish of looks. This clever, eco-friendly cooling t-shirt by Fioboc is an example of exceptional craftsmanship and uses innovative technology to keep overheating to a minimum thanks to the super micro-ice particles added to its fibres to ensure optimal comfort, whatever the weather.

Twin needle locking on the shoulder and triple-stitches craftwork in the cuffs make for a premium t-shirt that is highly durable and breathable. Made from a combination of bamboo, long-staple cotton and Sorona fibres – a sustainable choice by the brand – it’s comfortable, breathable and will keep him nice and dry, leaving him free to focus on enjoying the season safe in the knowledge that his image will never be compromised. Fioboc is on a mission to provide you and your dad with a better choice for sustainable and stylish clothing.

A luxury watch

rolex watch
Image credit: Pingpong56/

If yours is the kind of father who deserves to be spoilt and money is no object, then few gifts are likely to please him more than a shiny new luxury watch, and from Rolex and Omega to Patek Philippe, there’s a timepiece out there to suit all styles and tastes.

Most well-dressed men follow the general rule of thumb that less is always more, which means keeping it simple and sticking to a muted colour palette within their wardrobe, which means a carefully selected wristwatch makes for the perfect finishing touch for maximum impact without overwhelm. Avoid choosing anything overly ostentatious, and opt for a classic style that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Rolex’s Daytona and Submariner are both enduring styles that any sartorial parent is certain to love.

A classic pair of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses
Image credit: NorGal/

There’s only one accessory that really counts during the summer months, and that’s a great pair of sunglasses. And for men of all ages, it really doesn’t get much better than a classic pair of Ray Bans. Choose some simple black Wayfarers or the timeless Aviator style in silver or gold – pay attention to the other accessories he wears to ensure you choose the right metal to complement your father’s tastes.

A polarised pair will protect his eyes from the sun’s harmful rays whilst also looking effortlessly cool with just about any outfit you can think of. The perfect gift for the dad who likes to enjoy those long, hot days in style.

A pair of designer trainers

Valentino products on display at a second flagship store of Rinascente in Rome
Image credit: Sorbis/

Buying clothes for anyone other than yourself is a risky business, but shopping for shoes is far easier to get right. If you know his size and have a general idea of his taste, then it’s difficult to end up too far off piste, and a stylish pair of designer trainers is almost certain to please.

Avoid picking anything too laid-back, and look for classy styles that will work well with most smart casual attire. Balenciaga and Valentino garavani are both great places to start, and offer a broad selection of high-end footwear that effortlessly combines comfort with style.

A classy pair of cufflinks

A beautiful metal cufflink on a businessman's white men's shirt.

Nothing adds quite the same air of sophistication to an outfit as a classy pair of cufflinks, and there’s just something about that subtle glint when you reach out to shake someone’s hand that instantly commands respect. Choose a simple gold pair to up-level his business outfits to whole new heights, or opt for a bold, diamond-encrusted pair for those special occasions. A gift he’ll keep hold of for years to come, he won’t be able to help but appreciate such a thoughtful choice.