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5 of the best longer hairstyles for men

By LLM Reporters on 24th March 2019

Have you been rocking the man bun of late? You’re not alone. This slick and sophisticated look has come of age over the past few years, and has well and truly transitioned from a rough and ready surfer style to a suave and sophisticated hipster trademark, and looks just as good with a tailored tux as it does dressed down for the day with classic loafers.

Longer men’s hairstyles are well and truly the look du jour, and these days, there are a variety of cuts and styles making waves amongst the sartorially savvy. If you’ve managed to grow a thick mane of hair, then count yourself amongst the lucky ones, as not all men find it so easy.

Besides the awkward in-between phase that faces us all when trying to grow out a longer style, not everyone has the follicles required to get that far in the first place. So, if you’ve been blessed with a great head of hair, make the most of it, maintain it well, and use it to your full advantage.

Bradley Cooper sports longer hair at the Warner Bros panal at CinemaCon 2018. Image credit: DFree/

Styling it out

Long hair can be styled in a variety of ways, and the look you choose is all about personal preference. Something which fits with your lifestyle is a great way to go, and with the plethora of products on the shelves, it has never been easier to get it.

Opting for a style that works with your natural thickness and growth pattern is the best approach. The less styling required, the better, so avoid going for anything too high maintenance as you’ll likely regret it later.

Even so, long hair must be well cared for if it’s to look good, so regular trims and conditioning treatments to avoid split ends and breakage are both musts. Include a moisture infusing shampoo and conditioning dup in your regular routine, which more intensive treatments applied once a week.

Some of the best haircuts for men are those which offer versatility, and only longer styles will allow you that. Here are some of the most on trend ways to wear yours in 2019.

1. The slick back

For those with medium-long locks, the slick back look is a suave style that is quick and easy to achieve, and a great way to tame your main for more formal occasions. Opt for a high-shine look, which you can get by raking fingers through clean hair using a medium hold, wet-look gel.

If your hair is a little more unruly, sweep the front section back with a pomade for greater hold. Curls can be left intact and styled into place with your product, or broken up a little for a more rugged and undone feel.

England Football hero and fashion icon David Beckham has helped to promote longer hair styles. Image credit: Photo Works/

2. The ponytail

A simple way to keep hair out of your face, the ponytails suits all lengths that are long enough to tie back. Run a drop of serum through the ends and pull back conserving the natural parting – or, for a more dishevelled look, pull directly back and secure loosely at the nape of your neck. To frame your face for a less severe look, leave a few strands loose at the front. Experiment with styling products to get the level of slickness you like – this is a look that lends itself just as well to rough and ready as it does smooth and defined.

3. The Man Bun

This modern classic is showing no signs of disappearing any time soon. Universally flattering, they can be styled high or low to suit your length and face shape; shorter hair will need to secured at the nape of the neck, while longer locks can be swept upwards. For best results, opt for somewhere in between – just below the crown of your head is the most flattering level, allowing some hair to curl free at the nape.

For the ultimate hipster look, keep styling products minimal to maintain as much texture as possible. If you must use one, then opt for a matte finish, which will keep your hair looking relatively undone whilst holding your style in place. Wear your bun loose for a casual daytime look, or for an evening event, up the slick factor with a wet look gel.

4. The braid

The longer the hair, the more versatile it is, so if you have lengthy locks then why not go all out with a stylish braided look? Bold and unapologetic, this unique style can be varied to suit your hair type. Afro hair can be twisted into neat cornrows, while thick and wavy or straight hair can be worn in one long, loose plait down the back of your head.

Alternatively, for an eye-catching style, create many tight braids, starting at your scalp and working through your long mane. You can even partner your braided look with a man-bun or ponytail for a double dose of style.

Popular American actor Zac Efron is currently wearing a longer hair style. Image credit: kathclick/

5. Long and straight

While short and straight hair can often appear a little plain, long and straight locks make a statement to be reckoned with. With minimal texture or shape, this more severe style shows off the length of your locks in all its glory, so it’s essential to keep ends trimmed and hair in optimum condition if you’re keen to pull it off. Not only will this reduce frizz and enhance shine for the sleekest possible appearance, but it will form the basis for this simple and understated look.

Of course, if your hair isn’t naturally smooth or completely straight then you can just fake it until you make it. Just blow-dry your mane using a heat-protectant spray and round brush, then finish with a serum to tame any fly-aways.

If you’ve gone to great lengths to grow a great head of hair, then these styles will send you straight to the top of the men’s style stakes in 2019. All that’s left to do is decide which one is your signature look.

Image at the very top of the article credit: DFree/