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5 unique diamond ring designs to choose from for an engagement in 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  November 23, 2020
Diamond Ring

Since time immemorial, people have practiced the tradition of asking someone for their hand in marriage and producing an enchanting engagement ring to accompany the question.

Engagement rings, usually worn by women, signify that they are committed to marrying their partner; they symbolise love, togetherness, devotion and, above all, the special bond that is shared between the two. The proposal is truly a special occasion not just for the person being asked, but also for the who is proposing, which is why many go to great lengths to ensure the moment is as memorable as can be.

Today, the market is flooded with various types of engagement rings, and with so many different styles, centre stones, metals and combinations to choose from, it is natural to feel a little overwhelmed, especially with new designs hitting the market each year. In the past, people would only opt for a diamond ring because it was marketed as the symbol of everlasting love, but with time, the trends have been shifting towards other gemstones and patterns. People are embracing coloured gemstones, unusual ring shapes and unconventional settings so as to stand out from the norm.

If you’re someone who is looking for something offbeat when it comes to engagement rings then here are five unique designs that are sure to impress for a 2021 engagement.

Diamond Ring
Unique shapes and designs make for interesting choices for a bold look

Serpentine rings with quirky shapes

When it comes to engagement rings, the newest trend is combining something odd with something new to create a look that is not easily repeated and one of a kind. This is the reason why swirl set rings or serpentine rings have become increasingly popular for their modern look. These rings have an open design with a metal framework that beautifully wraps around your ring finger or combines a bypass shank holding a centre stone making it look like the metal shank is flowing around the stone.

Another easy way to make your engagement ring different from the others is to opt for an unconventional stone shape. Instead of choosing a round cut, cushion cut or a princess cut centre stone you can choose an oval shape or a pear shape centre stone. The more intricate stone designs like flowers and leaves also give a unique look to the ring. Placing the stone asymmetrically in an off-centre style or making it dangle from the metal band is just the correct mix of classic and quirky.

Vintage inspired ring

In the generation of our grandmothers and great grandmothers, people would wear dramatic engagement rings, but these rings started to lose their charm when it became fashionable to opt for a more minimalist look. Having said this, the year 2020 has witnessed the comeback of the vintage style engagement rings which have a huge attractive centre stone surrounded with many tiny stones of various colours and shapes.

diamond ring
Diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings and with so many options when it comes to design yours will surely stand out

Those who love antique style rings are in for a treat with the return of these Art Deco era-inspired rings which are similar to the ones worn in the 1930’s. Glamorous and bold, these vintage style rings certainly make a statement, especially those with ornate settings having emerald cut diamonds and baguette stones. Oval cut diamonds with a halo setting and pearl accents inspired from the Georgian Era not only give a royal touch to the ring, but also make it exclusive.

Black diamond ring

The conventional colourless diamond ring has been the popular choice of engagement ring for many years, but now most brides have become bored of the ordinary and conventional and are therefore opting for more colourful designs which have a striking character and presence. Among the coloured gemstones, the black diamond has become a favourite among the crowd because of its ability to make a ring not only look regal, but enigmatic in appearance.

Carefully crafted with great precision, black diamond engagement rings are worth vying for because they are filled with enough character to make heads turn. You can pair the black diamond stone with a contrasting metal band such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum for a ring that is both bold and chic.

Diamond Ring
Whatever design you opt for, make sure that it suits your style down to the ground

Tension setting ring

One of the breakthrough designs this year has been the tension setting rings. The feature that sets it apart from other rings is that the centre stone isn’t held by a bezel or prongs. Instead the centre stone is grasped by the tension between the metal bands. This unique feature exposes the central diamond to more amount of light which adds to its brilliance. The contemporary style coupled with the exquisite design of such rings makes them extremely desirable.

Side stone rings

Side stone rings typically feature several different sized gemstones apart from the central stone. These additional stones on the ring may be similar to or different than the centre stone. The extra stones on the rings not only increase the beauty of the ring, but also make it different from others owing to their elegant designs. A typical combination of classic and modern, these side stone rings are truly eye-catching and an excellent choice for your partner.