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7 of the best high-end men’s style and fashion accounts to follow on Instagram

By LLM Reporters  |  September 30, 2020

When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, it’s no longer enough to keep abreast of seasonal fashion weeks and pick up the odd men’s magazine. Gone are the days where you could rely on the same capsule wardrobe for each six-month period, with things moving so fast in 2020 that it can be difficult to keep on top of the latest look du jour.

One place that will never let you down though, is Instagram – not just because some of its users are some of the sharpest dressers on the planet, but because they are the ones setting the trends, too. Taking inspiration from some of the latest season’s must have pieces, it only takes the ‘right’ person being seen wearing a garment or carrying an accessory for it to sell out in hours – and if you take your style game seriously, then you’ll follow suit.

Once upon a time, Instagrammers were nobodies sharing self-indulgent selfies from the comfort of their bedrooms and not much else, but these days they are their own stylists who are making a lucrative living out of sharing their outfit choices online. Now, you’ll catch them donning the latest designer pieces and posing up a storm as they sip champagne in high profile luxury locations ranging from the Burj al Arab in Dubai to Nobu in Monaco, making the ultimate statement of wealth and opulence – after all, it’s not just about the look itself, but the lifestyle that comes with it, and these guys know how to sell both.

If you’re looking for some style inspiration for A/W 2020 to complement your own luxurious lifestyle, then there are plenty of accounts you should be following – and the experts at HowSociable know exactly who they are. As part of the world’s leading social media information resource, it doesn’t get much better placed than these guys when it comes to knowing who we should have our eyes on – so we asked them to handpick their top ten men’s style and fashion accounts to follow on Instagram to save you trawling the hashtags.

Richard Biedul – @richardbiedul

London-based Richard Biedul is a model and creative director, and the go-to guy for all things modern tailoring, sharing daily inspiration for the sartorially sophisticated in a range of notable locations around the city and beyond.

Adam Gallagher – @IAmGalla

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the past & pending | 📷: @reedsmithgibson

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Hailing from New York but travelling the world for fashion inspiration on the regular, Adam Gallagher is one of Instagram’s biggest names when it comes to men’s fashion and shares his adventures with his followers via his blog. Covering men’s style, travel, grooming and music, his lavish lifestyle and impeccable outfits make him a must-follow.

Teo Van Den Broeke – @teovandenbroeke

Teo Van Den Broeke is the style and grooming director at British GQ, so it stands to reason that he’d know what he’s doing in the fashion department. He doesn’t just talk the talk, but very much walks it, too, sharing on-trend outfit inspiration that is casual yet sophisticated. The fact that he’s also a contributing editor at Harrods speaks volumes about his industry clout.

Mariano Divaio – @marianodivaio

Former model Mariano Divaio has featured in big name campaign for the likes of Brunello, Cavalli and Gucci over the years – but these days, he proudly heads up his own brand, MDV Style. With an enviable following and active community on Instagram, he’s one of the world’s most influential style bloggers today.

Bushy Broweth – @bushybroweth

Another London based icon, Bushy Broweth isn’t just about sharp dressing, and is also a model, rapper, producer and record label founder. Follow him if you’re into luxury streetwear and casual dressing for a good dose of daily inspiration.

Fabio Attanasio – @fabioattanasio

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On the occasion of my visit to the recently-opened @smahonapoli I finally had the chance to wear this beauty made by @sartoriacuomo from an @officinepaladino beige Italian Linen. Look at the balance of both jacket and trousers and the shade of that fabric. Perfect. Please note how clean is the back as well. And the central crease falls right onto the centre of my loafers. An architectural marvel 👏🏻 Bespoke tip: when you get a linen suit, especially an Italian linen, make sure to have your tailor make sleeves and trousers 1cm longer than usual. The length in excess will be compensated by the creases that will surely appear after the first use. #linensuit #italianlinen #sartoriacuomo #smarthotelnapoli #officinepaladino ph: @montuorivincenzophotowriter

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Founder of Italian lifestyle site The Bespoke Dudes, Fabio Attanasio aims to use his platform to educate men on how to seamlessly put together sharp and modern looks through the incorporation of modern tailoring. Think clean Italian style that is heavily influenced by the tailoring his birthplace, Naples, is famous for.

Mathias Le Fevre – @mathiaslefevre

This London-based creative consultant is another must-follow if you’re into classic tailoring, and isn’t afraid to play with colours and textures to put a thoroughly modern twist on his daily looks. If you’re into travel and events too, then you’ll enjoy following his daily stories.

It’s all very well having your finger on the pulse of the latest season’s trends, but the key to sartorial success is knowing how to combine them. Follow these seven accounts today and you’ll never make a fashion faux pas again.