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A closer look: Nature inspired jewellery by New York designer Ramona Albert

By Melanie Kruger  |  August 23, 2021
Ramona Albert

When it comes to dressing our best, jewellery and accessories are the finishing touches and often, the icing on the cake. The right necklace or pair of earrings can make or break any look from an aesthetic perspective, and has the power to dress it up for just the right occasion. From shimmering diamonds to polished pearls, a gorgeous statement necklace or a show-stopping pair of earrings can get you noticed – and remembered – for all the right reasons.

But for some, wearing jewellery is more meaningful than just the aesthetics, and is a way to express personality, individuality, and the things that are most important to them in life. As we become a more sustainably conscious world, nature is on our minds more than ever, and we’re seeking to make choices that raise our awareness of the connection to the natural world.

Over the past eighteen months, nature has become more important to us than ever before, providing us with a much-needed escape from the stresses and strains of the ongoing daily events connected to the global pandemic – with more of us opting to seek solace in parks, woodlands and beaches in a bid to rebalance, re-centre and simply pause to take a breath. And, as life returns to normal, you could be forgiven if you’re struggling to let go of the virtuous effect that spending more time at one with nature has had on your life.

Ramona Albert wrap bracelet
Designed by award-winning designer and architect, Ramona Albert, the ‘Connect With Nature’ collection finds inspiration in the ideas and products created out of love of the natural world

But there is a way you can carry the restorative feeling of being in nature with you wherever you go, and in a far more stylish way than you might think.

Renowned architect and designer Ramona Albert’s inspired new ‘Connect with Nature’ line is a beautiful collection of home accessories and luxury jewellery for women that allows you to do just that, and has become the talk of the town amongst nature conscious fashionistas since its recent launch.

Exploring the relationship between technology and nature, the collection uses a variety of high-tech techniques to create a show-stopping range of beautiful pieces that have been making waves in the fashion world this summer – combining not just a nod to the natural world, but an edgy and modern feel that sets its wearers apart from the competition.

Ramona Albert butterfly bracelet
The debut ‘Connect With Nature’ collection features one of a kind jewelry and home accessories inspired by nature and designed to have a unique timeless elegant touch

With each piece first modelled in 3D as part of a complex and intricate design process, before being 3D-printed to create a mould, the collection aims to reflect Ramona’s architectural background, with an end aesthetic that is rooted in the natural environment and that brings together these two unlikely elements to create necklaces, rings and luxury home accessories that are quite unlike any other – and that exude a timelessly elegant feel.

Award-winning designer and architect Ramona, who currently practices in New York at her Brooklyn-based studio Ramona Albert, takes a holistic approach to the design process, with her passion for sustainable construction methods and the natural environment evident in all that she does. The ‘Connect with Nature’ collection is undoubtedly something of a departure from her usual projects, which involve managing and developing innovative construction projects from inception to the final build, but from someone who is known for their love of pushing the boundaries of design, it perhaps isn’t all that unexpected after all.

Ramona Albert shell
Ramona Albert, AIA is an award winning designer and builder practicing in New York

Comprising deliberately comforting materials and textures, it’s in fact not the first time Ramona has drawn on inspiration from nature to create jewellery and her previous collections, which have been focused on shells and butterflies, have proven to be popular amongst her ever-growing customer-base. It isn’t her first foray into home accessories, either, with ‘The Flower Collection’, comprising some unique vases and candlestick holders, having also won her much acclaim.

“Our health and happiness depends on nature”, says Ramona. “Multiple studies have shown that spending time in nature is beneficial for both our mental and physical health, and that it can boost our overall sense of wellbeing – something that has become increasingly important over the past 18 months.

“With this in mind, I have always felt that design should seek to connect our living environments to the natural world, and my new jewellery range is a natural progression and translation of the ideas that you might have seen across my other professional endeavours.”

Ramona Albert home accessories
Whether envisioning a solar-powered pavilion sheathed in ‘digital flowers’ or creating spine-like 3D-printed jewellery, Ramona Albert’s work finds common ground in reverence for nature

According to a 2001 NHAPS study, the average person spends around 90 percent of their lives indoors – but just sitting outdoors for a few minutes or letting more natural light into your home can have an uplifting effect on your mood.

The ‘Connect with Nature’ collection aims to allow us to take nature with us wherever we are, always feeling that connection whether we’re at home, in the office or out and about in the middle of a city, and bringing us back to a sense of calm when we need it the most.

Add to that its chic and sophisticated aesthetic and all round stylish appeal, and we can expect to see the ‘Connect with Nature’ collection sell out fast.