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A cut above: Caroline Cooper reviews SJ Forbes, an award winning hair salon located in Egham, Surrey

Leading beauty writer Caroline Cooper reviews SJ Forbes, an award winning hair salon located in Egham, Surrey.

For me there is no better feeling than when my hair us freshly blonde. It makes my face look brighter, and it makes me feel 1000 times better. However, of late I’ve been left disappointed with just how quickly I go from bright-peroxide-blonde to dull-yellow-have-I-even-had-my-hair-done-blonde.

SJ Forbes

However, since visiting SJ Forbes, I cannot begin to tell you (although I’m about to try) just how happy I am with the colour of my hair – it’s stayed BRIGHT BLONDE!

SJ Forbes is an award winning, independent hair salon, designed by Directors Hayley Gibson-Forbes and Sean James McElhill, with both sophistication and client comfort at the forefront of the design.

The sleek and cool exterior is exactly how it is on the inside, which matches perfectly with the gorgeous friendly stylists busily working in the salon, I immediately wanted to be in their clique; and have hair like them, cue Frankie on the front desk whose curls are INSANE!

SJ Forbes

My stylist for the day, was the very lovely, chatty, funky, glossy haired salon manager, Jo. Upon introduction Jo automatically understood my frustrations with my hair. From the regrowth of new baby hair around my hairline, to the yellow stains at the ends, she just got it.

After lots of discussion about the health of my hair (I’ve been having highlights for around 20 years now) Jo was a wealth of knowledge when it came to giving my hair the moisture it SO desperately needed – it was like asking google. And for once I actually listened as she was just SO informative.

After getting to work on my highlights, which I should add she was super quick at, another bonus. I was left to relax with the latest glossies and listen to a fab array of music, which if it hadn’t have been 10am on a Monday morning, would have made me want to go out any party.

SJ Forbes

Once my colour was ready, Jo applied an olaplex treatment to my hair which I’ve only heard rave reviews about. Jo explained how the nourishing treatment not only helps to hydrate your hair, but also helps to keep the colour fresh too. After a quick fifteen minutes wait whilst the treatment worked it’s magic, I was left for the finishing touches. Jo seamlessly styled my hair exactly how I like it, and after just a couple of hours, I was ready to head home to my baby feeling like a new woman.

Since visiting the salon, I’ve had so many compliments on my hair and the colour. It also feels so much more healthy and manageable. I couldn’t recommend the salon enough!

Address: 52 Station Rd, Egham TW20 9LF