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A first look at CODE41’s new limited-edition NB24 Edition 2: The inspired creation we’ll all be coveting from today

A pronounced sporty design and cutting-edge materials.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 29, 2021
NB24 - Edition 2 Chronograph

Innovative Swiss watch company CODE41 has been making waves in the world of luxury timepieces over the past few years and, as we head towards Christmas, it has unveiled one of its most exciting launches yet.

The limited edition NB24 Edition 2, which launched on 24th November, is the culmination of nine months of development and is based on thousands of votes and comments from its community, who have played a key role in its creation.

This breath-taking new offering has come to life just in time for the festive season – and thanks to its stunning aesthetic – not to mention its superior functionality – it’s surely going to become a favourite for shoppers this Christmas. Although delivery isn’t expected until October 2022, pre-orders are now officially open, and with a fleeting chance to secure one of just a few between now and 16th December, there’s no time to be wasted in laying your claim.

Based on a forward-thinking concept incorporating flawless design, exceptional quality, transparency and, of course, the brand’s ever-growing community of fans, this must-have high-end timepiece has already garnered attention from luxury timepiece collectors and casual watch-lovers alike in the lead-up to its hotly anticipated launch – and it’s easy to see why.

NB24 - Edition 2 Chronograph
Each model is offered with a wide range of interchangeable straps

The original NB24 model, which was available for pre order in January 2021, was quite the hit at the time, receiving much acclaim and continuing to receive praise ever since – and now, 10 months later, CODE41 is back with the exciting new Edition 2, which is set to fly off the shelves from 24th November.

It all sounds very exciting – but what exactly is it about this prestigious timepiece that has got the industry talking?
Well, for starters, rather than opting to include a simple standard movement within the new NB24 Edition 2, the brand has thrown caution to the wind and created a unique watchmaking movement especially for the model – based on the ETA 7750 movement, which has been modified – with a peripheral weight integrated into the dial side. The timekeeping mechanism is initiated and stopped using a button located on the right side of the case, with an additional second button for resetting the count to zero.

The central hand, or second hand, meanwhile, is tied to the chronograph function, allowing users to measure the seconds elapsed, while the regular second display is achieved through a so-called ‘small seconds’ counter on the dial.

The chronograph, which allows users to measure relatively short time intervals, is one of the most popular complications among fans of fine mechanical watchmaking, and also one of the most complex, so this new iteration of the NB24 is certain to be in high demand.

NB24 - Edition 2 Chronograph
The NB24 chronograph is available in AeroCarbon and in grade 5 titanium

There’s no denying that this hotly anticipated new timepiece is a masterpiece of engineering indeed, with its movement designed, made and assembled entirely in Switzerland in short production runs. The exclusive piece was created especially for this covetable new offering, and the watch as a whole has been meticulously hand-finished to meet the highest of standards to create a truly flawless wristwatch we just can’t get enough of here at LLM.

The peripheral oscillating weight of the NB24 Edition 2 is a real technical feat, nowadays mastered by only a handful of brands. CODE41 has already integrated one into its X41 movement, but for its latest offering, the brand has gone even further by making it visible on the dial side – a defining feature, without a doubt.

The NB24 Edition 2 is available in four AeroCarbon varieties alongside a further four grade five titanium iterations, with high-tech materials that reflect the strong, technical character of the case and the dial utilised throughout.

The extremely tough and durable case of the AeroCarbon model is made from high-density aeronautical carbon fibre and was crafted especially for CODE41 on-demand in France. Its blocks are made up of over 300 layers, each placed at 90° to the previous and then compacted under 10 bars of pressure in an autoclave oven – a process that guarantees an exceptional composite that is 2.5 times more resistant to bending than steel.

NB24 - Edition 2 Chronograph
High-tech materials reflect the strong, technical character of the case and the dial

Meanwhile, the titanium offering comes with the advantage of being around twice as light as steel, and while the carefully selected grade five titanium it features might be more expensive than grade two, it also offers twice the toughness and finer detail in the finishing.

Whichever model you choose, each is offered along with a wide range of 20 interchangeable straps, ensuring maximum versatility and ensuring that all tastes, occasions and preferences are catered to – so whether you’re heading to a high-profile red-carpet event or a laid-back lunch with friends, the CODE41 has got you covered.

For a watch to be considered Swiss-made, at least 60 percent of its value must come from Switzerland. Its movement must be Swiss, and it must be assembled in Switzerland. The NB24 project has achieved almost 85 per cent, thus comfortably exceeding the requirements.

Such a large quantity of Swiss components – 326 in total – is very rare and is one of the things that sets the NB24 well apart from the competition. Nevertheless, the watches will bear no mention of being Swiss made, because CODE41 has been opposed to this misleading label since the very beginning.

The NB24 Chronograph Edition 2, priced at £4,155, is set to be in high demand over the next few weeks.

To lay your hands on this exceptional new watch, get your pre-order in between now and 16th December, for delivery in October 2022.