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And my hair loved me for it: My experience at the renowned London salon, Inanch


Every now and then you need to spoil yourself. A body massage, a manicure and pedicure or a head massage; life calls for a little luxury once in a while. What happens then, when you mix luxury with wellbeing? The answer is a winning hair formula mastered by London’s renowned salon, Inanch. With expert hair stylists and technicians, and a list of famed clientele, Inanch has understood the need to keep hair healthy by introducing various hair loss treatments into their salon, designed by the celebrated trichologist Philip Kingsley.

Inanch London
Inanch is located in upmarket Fitzrovia, London

As a possessor of fine and long hair, I am prone to hair breakage and hair loss so it’s important that I do as much as possible to keep my hair in good condition. This means I limit the amount of heat applied to my hair as well as using hair products that do not include sulphates or parabens. I find however that this is still not enough. Aside from the usual weekly hot oil application to my hair, introducing steam treatments to my scalp have been nothing short of miraculous! As fate would have it, hearing about the Inanch Salon hair treatments propelled me to investigate further.

As I entered the Fitzrovia salon I instantly felt this sense of calmness, serenity and comfort. I was attended to with the utmost courtesy and gentility; it’s a salon that knows how to keep their clients happy indeed! I was told that it specialises in hair styling, from blow dries to hair extensions, but it is also boasts a wide range of hair treatment techniques, from the NanoKeratin Smoothing Treatment to the Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment. I was there to show credence to the much-loved mist treatment. I was walked into this beautiful room in the salon that instantly transported me to some of my favourite meditative locations in India. It had low-lighting, it had calming sounds and it had the bust of Buddha sitting proudly in the middle of the room. It was truly a space of zen, perfect to prepare me for my relaxation mist treatment.

human braiding hair
Step inside the multi award winning Inanch London

There are three levels of the mist treatment and I opted for the express, priced at £15.00. It lasts for twenty minutes with just as much effect as the fuller treatments. My hair was first treated with the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser; the technician applied it to my scalp and the lengths of my hair and then toped my hair off with a large shower cap. The cap itself has a plug insert through which the stream travels. I was advised to lie back and allow for the stream to work into my hair for twenty minutes. Once this was finished, my hair was allowed to cool for at least ten minutes so that the open hair follicles and cuticles had time to relax and close. Essentially this steam treatment ensured that all the product applied to the hair, penetrated into the hair follicles to get maximum hair health. In order to keep the hair healthy and strong you need to close those same follicles so that the hair doesn’t break. Once my hair had cooled, the technician did a shampoo, condition and rinse using the brand R + Co. It is a cruelty-free and vegan hair brand that uses natural ingredients. My hair not only felt stronger but it was also soft to the touch.

You can opt to leave your hair as is with a quick dry using a blow dryer or you can take it up a notch by having a lovely blow and style; I obviously chose the latter. Now I’m not one for being sycophantic or to use cheesy clichés, but I must say my hair was like Botticelli’s vision in The Birth of Venus and I speak only the truth! The mist treatment provided a sudden lease of life to my hair with more bounce, body and curls. My hair stood up to the strength and heat of hair dryers and curling irons and yet remained soft and sultry. It no longer looked dull and flat, which can often be the case with fine and long hair; it had some heft and brought me hair confidence that I was lacking for many months.

lace front wigs
The salon was opened in 2005 under the creative direction of celebrity hairdresser Inanch Emir

My final view

This salon has a cult following and it’s renowned, but it doesn’t allow its stature to overwhelm any and all clientele. Whatever your budget may be, luxury is at everyone’s finger tips because we can all benefit from perfect hair wellbeing at any cost with Inanch. From the beginning to the end I had a wonderful experience where I learnt a lot about what works for my hair. Inanch has taught me about the importance of hair care outside of the superficial styling and products. Witnessing the goodness of my hair following this treatment, I know that steam and an effective hair treatment product, are both elements I need to incorporate into my hair care routine. Even after a few days had passed, I saw a change to how much my hair fell out after washing and brushing it. On any other occasion my hair would fall out in abundance after washing it; now only a few strands. It is a proven and simple technique to keep the hair healthy and stronger. It also provides a welcome relief from the busy lives we lead, as it soothes the head and scalp and keeps you in a lovely state of relaxation. Inanch’s hair mist treatment has proven to hold a perpetual bond with my hair.

Address: 220 Great Portland St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 5QP
Phone: 020 7383 7607

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