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Autumnal Scents from Art De Parfum

Art De Parfum

This season sees falling leaves, falling rain and a time to fall in love with Art De Parfum’s beautiful autumnal scents. Art De Parfum has created the perfect fragrances for a sultry autumn, bringing to mind walks in the countryside, roaring log fires, crunching leaves underfoot, and trees bare and striking against a wild sky.

Art De Parfum creates unisex fragrances of the highest quality, and places ethics at the heart of its operations. Dark, sensual and woody notes, hints of patchouli mixed with warm spices, rosy geranium leaf and velvety suede make Sensual Oud a sexy and subtly sensual scent. Sensual Oud takes the stark, somewhat uncompromising odor of pure oud and filters it through a uniquely French sensibility, refining and softening its blunt impact for Western noses without losing any of its essential grandeur. A dream, therefore, of an exotic Arabia but with its feet firmly planted in the 16ieme arronidissement.

Unapologetically dark and wild, Signature Wild is an addictive fragrance combining a powerful leather essence with the syrupy davana herb and sweet delicacy of orange blossom. This is a scent experience you can almost taste at the back of your tongue, with its rich drops of apricot brandy, sultry cinnamon and cardamom, and dark, almost liquid leathery aroma. And yet, as wild and as dark as this one is, its texture wears as lightly as silk, making it a surprisingly appropriate choice for the daytime.

This season sees falling leaves, falling rain and a time to fall in love with Art De Parfum’s beautiful
autumnal scents

Free from GMO, CMR and any colourants, choosing Art de Parfum fragrances customers can rest safe in the knowledge that their choice is both beautiful and ethically pure.

The fragrances themselves are 100% made in France. No animals were involved in any part of the production, and when the customer has finished the fragrance, all packaging will degrade naturally, leaving no harmful imprint on the environment.

Sensual Oud and Signature Wild fragrances can be purchased directly through the website at along with the full range of parfums for men and women.

Shipping is free to all UK mainland addresses. The Art de Parfum fragrances are all extraits de Parfum (20-40% concentrated perfume oils) and cost £114 per 50mls.