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Bags of Luxury: We take a detailed look at one of the world’s leading resellers of authentic Hermes bags

It’s the handbag everyone dreams of, but the brand that is notoriously difficult to track down – we’re talking about the iconic Hermes Birkin, and its mysteriously elusive appeal. Style and fashion expert Melanie Kruger takes a detailed look at one of the world’s leading resellers of authentic Hermes bags and accessories.

The Hermes Birkin brand needs no introduction at all, but after beginning life as a harness workshop in 1930s Paris before becoming recognised as the world’s leading handbag brand – largely thanks to the outstanding quality of its timeless, iconic pieces – it certainly deserves one. Today, lengthy waiting lists ensure that getting your hands on a Hermes handbag is no mean feat – but the solution we have all been waiting for has finally arrived.

Orange Hermes
Bags of Luxury offer a worldwide audience access to the most exclusive Hermes handbags

London-based company Bags of Luxury is a genuine reseller of authentic Hermes bags and accessories, giving clients direct access to some of fashion’s rarest and most sought-after bags, all over the world.

Supported by a worldwide network of Hermes experts tasked with sourcing the most exclusive pieces, Bags of Luxury offer a bespoke personal shopper service, helping clients to find some of the most exclusive and unique bags Hermes has ever produced. With an extensive and ever-expanding list of luxurious pieces to choose from, the company even supplies customers with special WhatsApp updates – allowing them to be amongst the very first to hear about the latest Hermes finds.

Hermes Lifestyle
Bags of Luxury has built a reputation as the most trusted and reliable international re-seller of Hermes bags and accessories

The Hermes Birkin is one of the most imitated handbags in the world, so the Bags of Luxury team take pride in ensuring that those they source are 100% genuine – with an extensive authentication process to ensure that counterfeit bags are unable to slip through the net. This rigorous routine has been devised to detect even the most realistic looking fakes, guaranteeing that nothing but genuine Hermes bags ever makes its way into the Bags of Luxury collection.

Vintage lovers are especially well catered for, as the company goes out of its way to source the rarest sizes and colours of unique and unusual models that Hermes no longer produces. The team will only ever consider immaculately kept pieces, so you can be sure that your bag is a truly special and well looked-after piece that will last the distance for years to come.

A small selection of Hermes bags and accessories can be found on the Bags of Luxury website, providing just a snapshot of what the service has to offer. Those wanting to get their hands on a rare or unusual piece are advised to check back daily for the latest arrivals – you’ll need to snap one up quickly if you’re looking for the very best.

Hermes Birkin Himalaya
Hermes Birkin Himalaya is priced at £82,000

For customers looking to indulge in the full Hermes experience, a visit to the exclusive Hermes showroom is a decadent and relaxing way to track down your dream bag. Nestled discretely in London’s affluent Regent’s Park, visitors to the store are offered the chance to view a comprehensive selection of incredible Hermes bags, first-hand – a truly indulgent experience, for which advanced booking is essential. Whatever your requirements, the team will endeavour to provide a bespoke service to meet your individual needs – and If you can’t manage a trip to the showroom, your bag can be shipped worldwide.

For those unable to bear the suspense any longer, Bags of Luxury has selected some of the company’s very favourite pieces – and these beauties promise to set your pulse racing like no other. The stunning Himalaya handbag is notoriously rare and extremely difficult to track down, made from the most exceptional crocodile skin eve to ber used by Hermes. This extraordinary bag is a bold fashion statement that does all the talking for an otherwise plain outfit, and is now available to buy from Bags of Luxury priced at £82,000.

The limited edition Hermes 'Kelly Picnic' priced at £45,500
The limited edition Hermes ‘Kelly Picnic’ (price on application)

They also have a stunning 32cm Kelly in a new prunoir colour which is new for 2016. This bag has been crafted with matt alligator matched with the popular gold hardware, this bag’s deep aubergine colour is a very chic alternative to black and is available for £39,000.

Bags of Luxury also have an extremely rare piece which is called the “Kelly Picnic” which is 35cm in size and features natural barenia leather. A truly exclusive piece, this Kelly is a limited edition bag from 2011. Furthermore, it is the only bag we are aware of which is in brand new condition for sale, making it an extremely sought after bag and once sold will be very unlikely for us to get again.

hermes blue constance 1
As it is a smaller bag than the Birkin or Kelly, the Hermes Constance is loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike for its sleek elegance and versatility

If you’re looking for a more ‘hands-free’ option, there is an incredible limited edition Hermes Constance Mini in blue atoll tadelakt leather with ficelle lizard and palladium buckle priced at £10,500.

As it is a smaller bag than the Birkin or Kelly, the Hermes Constance is loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike for its sleek elegance and versatility. It compliments whatever style you’re going for and is a perfect companion for any event and this is a rare piece. Its vivacious colour is perfectly matched with its durable and semi-glossy tadelakt leather.

constance bags
There is a beautiful selection of Hermes Constance Bags available at Bags of Luxury

However, if you are looking for other bold styles, Bags of Luxury has a wide array of Constance bags available for purchase. 

If you love the Hermes brand and have always wanted to your own Hermes handbag, check out the amazing range at Bags of Luxury and always request a full stocklist by emailing so you are sure you don’t miss out on our latest arrivals.  With bespoke worldwide delivery and an extensive stocklist, there’s no better place to go for your next indulgence.