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Beautiful jewellery inspired by travel and culture: Inside The Pink Piglet Collection by London designer Millië Carr

By Melanie Kruger   |  

If there’s one piece of jewellery you should invest in this summer, it’s a beautiful pair of earrings. From simple studs for understated glamour, to bold statement pieces that can liven up an otherwise pared down look, the right choice can take any outfit from unremarkable to beautiful in just a couple of moments, whether you’re spending the day relaxing beachside or heading out to a glamorous event by night.

In a season where travel is almost always on our minds, many of us find ourselves dreaming of sunnier climes and vibrant cultures elsewhere in the world – so what better way to give a nod to the season of discovery than by taking inspiration from some of the most remarkable?

London designer Millië Carr is doing just that, with her beautiful collection of statement jewellery. The Pink Piglet Collection is comprised of a selection of ahead-of-the curve earrings that are influenced by fine art, travel and artisanal craftwork. Inspired by the rich, semiprecious stones of India, think unusual, stand-out pieces that have the power to completely transform your look.

Millie’s passion for jewellery began as a child, at a time when her mother had her own boutique line in the 80s. Milliē’s collection provides people with a timeless aesthetic, so that they can express themselves in a powerful way through the magic of unique pieces – after all, we’re all individual, so why not stand out from the crowd?

“Travelling around the world has been deeply influential in my designs, especially visiting India,” says Milliē.

“It was different to what I knew, from the people I met, their fashion, work and the knowledge they gave me. In India there is such a range of inspirations for jewellery, with rich colours of semiprecious stones and superb craftsmanship. I became very interested in the Indian artwork and their rich culture.”

Millië is a strong believer in crystal healing of the soul, and with this in mind, her earrings consist of a variety of gemstones sourced ethically in Jaipur, India; cut and then polished by Indian craftsmen within a family business.

“My earrings, I hope, truly embody the rich Indian heritage. Gem-stones have been believed to hold metaphysical properties, with agate said to be linked with protection, creativity and harmony, Chalcedony with emotional balance and generosity, and Druzy with positive self-love. Jasper, meanwhile, is thought to symbolise grounding and stability, while Quartz is linked with meditation, energy and clarity.

“Each of the stones have been believed to have had the power to alter our moods and remedy a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years.”

Millie works very closely with her team to bring her designs to life – so much so, that they have become almost like a second family.

“They are a family business based in Jaipur and I have become so close with them; in fact, the son studies at Warwick University and we keep in contact as he often visits me in London,” she says.

“Over the last two years I have come to learn about the intricacies of what makes an unusual pair of earrings that are not only beautiful but incredibly light on the earlobes.”

The brand started out as purely a hobby that organically developed into a serious passion and business. Millië started it up during her second year at university, and hasn’t looked back since.

So, why Pink Piglet? The answer is more obvious than it seems.

“I’ve always adored piglets, ever since I was young, and it became something I was known for. The most obvious name for my collection was Pink Piglet Collection, as it was quite literally the first thing that popped into my head!

“Combining two of my favourite things makes my job so easy because – as the cliche saying goes – I love what I do. My brand has continued to grow organically ever since the day that I named it back in 2017. It really is my passion and I am proud of myself for what I have achieved so far.”

Millië’s glamorous collection, based on show-stopping jewels that will stand the test of time, is certainly on our luxury shopping list this summer. Perfectly fusing innovative, modern design with rich cultural influences, these are the pieces should be in every fashion-conscious female’s jewellery box.