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Beauty talk: We chat to leading British blogger & stylist Roxie Nafousi

Roxie Nafousi

Style and beauty editor Melanie Kruger talks to leading British blogger, personal stylist and social media star Roxie Nafousi. Read about her favourite beauty products, her daily makeup routine and her favourite hairstyle for a glamorous night out.

1. What is your signature scent?
Modern Muse – Estée Lauder

2. Which three beauty products couldn’t you live without?
Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eye pallette
Tom Ford Illuminating Powder
MAC eyelash curlers

beauty products
Follow Roxie’s beauty tips to look and feel great

3. Talk us through your morning and evening skincare routines. How are they different?
I always start the morning by splashing my face with freezing cold water to reduce any puffiness and then I cleanse and put on eye cream (Linda Meredith eye gel) and my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser. I don’t use too many products in the morning as I find it can make your skin oily when you put make up on.

In the evening I cleanse thoroughly and make sure my make up is completely removed and then use eye cream, serum and an over night mask or moisturiser. I also love Aerin’s rose face Oil when my face is feeling dehydrated. I also always put Sudocrem on any part of my face or neck that has outbreaks brewing, I swear by that stuff! One or twice a week I use an at home Facial, I love The Linda Meredith Clay Mask and Clinique’s City Blocker.

Roxie Nafousi
Roxie is a personal stylist and founder of personal styling and gift concierge service

4. How does your skin type affect the sort of makeup you wear?
I can get a little bit oily so I like to wear more matte foundations and concealers and I always finish my make up using powders (tom Ford illuminating powder and Laura mercier secret brightening powder) to make sure I don’t have any shine. If I’m feeling my complexion is a bit grey I’ll mix in an illuminator with my foundation before applying.

5. Talk us through your everyday makeup routine.
I start with a foundation, then apply a lighter concealer under my eyes, under my cheek bones and down the middle of the nose. I blend this in and then apply contour powder on my cheek bones, hair line, jaw line and down the sides of the nose. Then I put highlighter at the top of cheekbones and under my brows. I then use a an eyebrow pallets to make them a bit bushier, apply a natural eyeshadow and lots of layers of macara! I then use a nude lip liner to complete the look.

Roxie Nafousi
Roxie writes a regular column for the Marie Claire website

6. Strong eye or strong lip?
Depends on the occasion! I always love a sexy dark eye with a nude lip but fresh eyes with a red lipstick is also a nice look for a special occasion, never both together though!

7. What’s the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?
Moisturise! I used to be so scared of it as I use to have bad spots as a teenager and I thought moisturiser would make my skin more oily and make breakouts worse, but that was a myth!

8. Everyone loves a Sunday night pampering session. Talk us through yours.
I love running myself a really bubbly bath on a Sunday night with Jo Malone bath oils. I also put in lots of Epsom salts which are really good for relaxing muscles and detoxifying you! I then put on a face mask while I’m in the bath and listen to a podcast. I always sleep well after because my body is so relaxed!

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Roxie is a big fan of Dior

9. What is your most decadent beauty product?
Probably my giant Charlotte Tilbury Night Cream or Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair! I love them both so much!

10. What’s your favourite hairstyle for a glamorous night out, and how do you achieve it?
I really love hair up at the moment, I think it makes your face look slimmer because it pulls everything back and it’s nice not to constantly be playing with your hair all night! I love a messy up bun and then pulling out a few pieces at the front to make it more casual or doing a really sleek pony.

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Images courtesy of Instagram @roxienafousi