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Beauty talk: We chat to social media stars Amra Beganovich & Elma Beganovich

Amra Beganovich and Elma Beganovich

Style and beauty editor Melanie Kruger talks to social media stars Amra Beganovich and Elma Beganovich about their beauty regimes.

The glamorous sisters answer questions on their favourite fragances, their makeup routines and how they like to style their hair for a glamorous night out.

Amra and Elma are behind Club Fashionista and Amra & Elma. The duo have together over 2 million fans on social media.

1.What is your signature scent?
Amra: Chloe’s Love Story
Elma: Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

Amra Beganovich
Amra Beganovich

2. Which three beauty products couldn’t you live without?
Matte nude lipstick, argan oil (which we apply to our face, hair and cuticles), and recently, La Bella Donna’s mineral on the go brushes. They carry natural mineral foundation so they’re very travel friendly, and great for on the go touch ups!

3. Talk us through your morning and evening skincare routines. How are they different?
The evening is all about repairing and replenishing the skin, so we tend to use masks and oils. In the morning, we moisturize less.

4. How does your skin type affect the sort of makeup you wear?
For us, it depends more on the season. In the summer, we don’t need as much moisture and are sweating more so we wear lighter makeup. During the winter, our makeup can be a little bit heavier; for example, we tend to wear bolder and more prominent blush in the winter. But in the summer, we go for more subtle and peach toned blushes.

Elma Beganovich
Elma Beganovich

5. Talk us through your everyday makeup routine.
Highlighter is a big staple for us; we love to wear it on our cheeks and brow area. Otherwise, a lightweight, high quality powder is great for a natural, fresh, glowing skin look.

6. Strong eye or strong lip?
Strong eye, we love smoky eyes!

7. What’s the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?
Less is more. The best makeup looks do not conceal, but rather, allow your natural, beautiful features to stand out.

8. Everyone loves a Sunday night pampering session. Talk us through yours.
Our pampering sessions always involve masks to revive the skin and prepare it for the week ahead. Recently, we’re also loving almond butter cleansers, which are incredible for moisturizing the skin and achieving an extra dewy look.

beauty products
Some of the sisters’ favourite beauty products

9. What is your most decadent beauty product?
For us, it’s less about what’s more expensive or trendy, and more about using natural ingredients. We love using products containing almond butter, seaweed, avocado, argan oil; this, to us, is “modern decadence.” We also pay very close attention to brands that have made a commitment to supporting cruelty free initiatives. It’s so important to spread the message of kindness in the beauty community, and reinforce the fact that animals do not need to be tortured in order for us to enjoy products or feel beautiful. 

10. What’s your favorite hairstyle for a glamorous night out, and how do you achieve it?
Our favorite style for a glamorous night out would definitely be a Brigitte Bardot-inspired half updo, with a lot of volume. It looks complicated, but it’s actually very easy to achieve. We love this look because it lifts the hair off the face, while still allowing our long locks to show. It’s a classic look that will never go out of style!