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Brand Focus: Keeping hair healthy with celebrity hairdresser Andrew Jose – courtest of Salon Science


Nobody likes a bad hair day, but it’s a sad fact of life that it happens to us all at one time for another. The best way to avoid such unwelcome mishaps is to ensure that you have a comprehensive haircare regime in place, and what better place to start than with science and beauty experts, Salon Science?

This revolutionary new brand has been taking the hairdressing world by storm, and award-winning celebrity hairdresser Andrew Jose is so impressed that he has become an ambassador for Salon Science. With his busy hair salon on Charlotte Street in London’s bustling West End, he has forged an outstanding reputation over 20 years in the hairdressing business, and today he is considered one of the world’s leading hair stylists and most acclaimed teachers.

Salon Science Pro-accelerant Treatment

“Salon Science is an exciting and innovative solution led haircare collection using plant stem-cell technology”, he says, explaining the reasons the brand has got him so excited.

“With powerful ingredients derived from rare plant extracts, the products use a unique skincare approach, treating hair at a cellular level with astonishing results.”

The perfect balance of both elements, the brand offers up  a revolutionary beauty regime for the hair, containing a fusion of powerful active ingredients and a high concentration of plant stem-cell extracts within its formulations. Products aim to help replenish and revive hair from the inside out, leaving it looking and feeling at its healthiest from root to tip.

Using cutting-edge scientific expertise to come up with its high-tech formulations, Salon Science offers up four differently targeted collections, all designed to tackle a specific problem:

PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple: For Anti-Ageing and Restored Volume

Salon Science Swiss Apple is a powerful, youth-restoring haircare range, formulated with award-winning plant stem cell extracts of a rare Swiss Apple for stronger, healthier and younger looking hair.

AnaGain™ Organic Pea Sprout: For Targeting Hair Loss

The Salon Science AnaGain™ range is a powerful three-step regime, designed to help boost fine and thinning hair by reducing the rate of hair loss. Serving as a jump-start for hair, the AnaGain™ collection is formulated with a powerful Organic Pea Sprout Extract that helps to initiate new growth, creating denser, thicker, fuller hair in just three months.

GSP-T Swiss Grape: For Repair and Radiance

A powerful and luxurious multi-tasking range, the Salon Science Swiss Grape for Repair and Radiance haircare collection contains a potent antioxidant complex that binds to the hair’s surface,  instantly revitalising and strengthing damaged, overprocessed locks.
AquaCacteen Organic Cactus: For Hydration and Scalp Relief.

A nourishing, gentle and luxurious collection infused with an extract of rare organic cactus to soothe and rehydrate, AquaCacteen™ instantly restores moisture levels to parched hair and distressed scalps.


So, just what does it take to maintain a healthy head of hair?

“A fundamental step when it comes to maintaining a healthy head of hair is knowing your own hair and scalp”, Andrew explains.

“Before deciding what hair type you are, it is always best to analyse it to look for density, texture and strength. Not knowing your hair’s type and health is a common problem. Different textures, densities and porosity play a key role in how products work and how this will have an effect on the hair.

“Choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type –  coloured hair must be protected from fade, dry hair need a boost of hydration and fine, limp hair needs extra volume.

“The Salon Science range has four different categories to specifically help certain hair problems. Swiss Apple for anti-ageing and restore volume, AquaCacteen for scalp and hair hydration, Swiss Grape for repair and radiance and Angain for hair loss.”

It seems that there is a lot more to learn about hair than one might think, and so far, we have barely scratched the surface. We civilians could do with a little education if we’re ever to rival the women from the shampoo ads we so envy, and while a regular dose of shampoo and conditioner is enough to keep hair clean, there is a lot more to achieving that glossy, bouncy mane.

We’ll be back each week with some more haircare tips courtesy of Andrew – and next up, we’ll be talking preventing and mending split ends.

Salon Science is available from Boots.