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Brand Focus: Precious mineral skincare range Sjal launches into Space NK


As precious mineral and gemstone skincare range Sjal launches into Space NK, our Beauty Editor Melanie Kruger takes a closer look at what makes the innovative new brand so special – and puts one of the range’s key products to the test while she’s at it.

There are few things that gets us more excited than a new luxury skincare brand launching into our favourite online beauty store – and more so when it gets to list gold, amethyst and rose quartz among its key ingredients.

The first range of its kind, Själ goes beyond the traditional expectations of skincare. With the majority of new launches continuing to follow a set of rules that is dominated by either a specific ingredient, a holistic formula or a scientific formula breakthrough of the moment, it has defied industry norms to create an exciting and innovatiove selction of products – a visionary new hybrid that appears to offer something truly original.

What really sets this intriguing brand apart from the rest is the way in which it draws together elements of Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Vibrational medicine, with the latest innovations in biotechnology and bio-osmotic power. In addition, it  blends the dynamic technologies of new energy science and quantum physics with discoveries from the world of spirituality.

Uniquely formulated with nearly 100 exclusive rare, active and natural ingredients that are harvested from five continents and merged with precious nano-minerals and gemstones, Själ has already achieved a cult following and unique critical acclaim among sophisticated opinion-makers in the beauty, fashion and entertainment worlds – and it’s not at all difficult to see why.

Created by internationally savvy mother and daughter duo Karen and Kristen Petrovich, it has already been cited as the luxury line of the new global generation – no bold statement for a brand so young.

Designed for all skin-types and ethnicities, each product has been dermatologically-tested, is noncomedogenic, and is manufactured in a pristine FDA-regulated facility using pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

So, now that we know the vital statistics, what can we expect from this intriguing new brand?

Big things, apparently. Själ promises to transform skin with each use, which is certainly no mean feat.

It claims to do so by helping it to evolve to a softer, smoother texture, with minimized lines and pores, while keeping skin flawless and protected from harmful environmental effects by maintaining its breathability and natural balance.

Unlike many new products that promise the earth, the entire Själ line is free of temporary lifts or fillers, such as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, silicone or caffeine. The effects of such ingredients on the skin can plateau and diminish over time, but Själ, it seems, favours a more natural approach, with cumulative yet long-lasting results.

The line has already won awards from InStyle (UK), Wallpaper, Caras, Gala, Hennes, and Harpers & Queen. Devotees so far have included Jessica Biel, Sophie Dahl, Angelina Jolie, Helena Christensen and Naomi Watts, to name but a few, though the range also has a strong male following including Sean Combs and Bruce Willis.

Sjal Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic

Själ Mineral Kalla

I’m currently trialing the Själ Mineral Kalla, a mineral-enriched energy tonic for healing, toning and barrier-protection when used beneath make-up or to freshen skin throughout the day. In comes in a handy transparent spray bottle, making it easy for on-the-go application,

Offering a dual-protection approach to combat internal stress and external aggressors, the product contains a bio-adhesion moisture complex to protect from moisture loss, and promises to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours.

The Mineral Kalla provides anti-stress and anti-inflammatory benefits with the help of adaptogens Artic root and Siberian ginseng, and functions as a mineral primer for skin thanks to the gold and silver it contains.

Lastly, it also protects against ozone pollution, which is a must for any skincare item worth its salt.

I must admit that so far, I have been very impressed with the results. The  Själ Mineral Kalla makes for a refreshing treat for freshly-cleansed skin and leaves it feeling soft, comfortable and extremely well-hydrated. Skin is touchably soft and smooth, leaving it all the more receptive to the remainder of my skincare routine.

This is one of those rare products that makes a noticeable difference to the skin, and on the days where I have used it as a toner between cleanser and moisturisers, I have even received comments on the texture and radiance of my skin. Proof, then, that it really does make a difference after just one use. The effects tend to continue only as long as you are using it, however, as the need for hydration is infinite. Skin will never be quenched with just one shot – common sense, if you think about it.

Nevertheless, I am very impressed with the performance, and am keen to find out first-hand what more the brand has to offer.