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Classic English countryside looks you can wear in the city

Escaping the city for the beautiful countryside is one of life’s great joys, as you can enjoy the scenery, the peace, and the fresh air to your heart’s content. Moreover, it holds a whole different way of life that perfectly offsets the stress and speed of city living.

With some of the country’s most beautiful counties and scenic retreats just an hour’s drive from London, it’s never been easier to enjoy the best of both worlds. So, don’t waste a second in finding the perfect weekend getaway destination for you, and get packing.

Waxed jackets
Nothing says farmer chic quite like a good waxed jacket from Barbour

Get Inspired By The Great Outdoors

The outdoorsy lifestyle brings with it a whole new approach to fashion. While more relaxed, practical and all-round comfortable, country style still has a whole lot of flair. Here we will take a look at some of the best trends inspired by the great British countryside that you can still wear when heading back into the city.


Tartan is a perennial country favourite that can be used for just about every item of clothing. From scarves to skirts and even dresses and trousers, this classic pattern just about suits any look and offers instant rugged, traditional charm. A winner for both men and women, tartan clothing is generally best kept to winter; its association with the Highlands brings to mind cold nights and armchairs by the fire. That said, come summer, a light tartan shirt or pair of cropped trousers are perfectly admissible for an evening drink or even relaxed workwear.

Leather Riding Boots

A pair of knee-high boots are a common sight in the city, but opting for the flat heeled, rounded toe of the riding boot style will give you that ultimate country look. Black is often the preferred colour but a rich, deep brown can work equally well. Small details such as a buckle strap either at the ankle or calf will give extra appeal. Worn over jeans, with skirts or dresses, this stand-out style is as versatile as it gets. Take a browse of this gallery for inspiration on how best to rock the look.

Invest in a simple, thin cashmere cardigan or jumper for those warmer summer months

Knit Jumpers and Cardigans

In the winter months, an Angora wool jumper keeps you incredibly warm while looking smart and seasonal under a tailored jacket or coat. Pick a festive pattern or a classic chequered design to add ample cheer to the look, or keep it simple in a single colour with a rounded or polo neck. In the summer, you can keep the look by opting instead for a simple, thin cashmere cardigan or jumper, such as these offerings from Peter Hahn.

Waxed jackets

Nothing says farmer chic quite like a good waxed jacket. With the consistent popularity of brands such as Barbour, you can bring this quintessential country look to the city without turning too many heads. Ever-practical with their waterproof skin and reputation for lasting years, although they may sometimes be on the pricier side, they are worth it. The most popular colours are blue and brown, but green, black and even mustard have timeless appeal. Tip: if you do invest in one of these country classics, be sure to follow the appropriate care guidelines and get it reproofed when necessary so as to maintain its waxy, water-repellent quality.