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Discover Chado: A revolutionary Swiss stem cell make-up brand


Make-up should be used to enhance your natural beauty; filling the gaps in a sparse brow, intensifying your lashes and giving balance to the face – in some cases, it’s considered an art or a gratifying act of self-love.

They play the part of highlighting your assets subtly, to perfect and even out your complexion, in short, give you self-confidence – whether that’s from a slick of robust lipstick, or merely evening out your skin tone and should provide you with joy through the application process.

The Chado range of beauty products goes that one step further, offering the balance of science-based plant stem cell and make-up with the most superior swiss ingredients to defines features without overpowering them.

Chado was created in Geneva

The brand was created in Geneva, the cosmopolitan city cradled in the serenity of Lake Leman to the breath-taking Alps, all encompassed by the glorious landscape to balance and harmonise.

Chado was developed with that natural beauty in mind and designed to perfect the complexion of the wearer, it offers females and males a range of dedicated formulas and accessories to master the art of make-up at home.

From essential grooming accessories and subtle highlighting palettes to skin finishing touches with buttery soft textures using only the finest Swiss ingredients.


The Soin Pyjama


A multitasking gel that nourishes and helps your eyelashes and brows to grow. Also can be used as an eyelash primer, under mascara, for doubling the volume and length. £24.50

Poudre Velours


A 4 in 1 velvety powder that is so simple to apply and gives a natural definition for the most beautiful eyebrows. The fine powder clings to each hair for a realistic finish. £23.50

Crayon Duo Illuminateur


A highlighter and concealer in a handbag friendly crayon. The concealer is matte and perfect for precision carving out, and the highlighter has a gentle shimmer, perfect for opening the eyes up without being too overpowering, £24.50

Baume Magique


A ultra nourishing lip block which enhances your natural lip tones by reacting with the PH of your skin for your perfect unique shade and my hero product of the collection. £30