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Edinburgh Cashmere: Luxury fashion brand featuring in Vogue, Grazia, GQ and Tatler

Edinburgh Cashmere is one of the top selling producers of 100 per cent pure cashmere and pure lambswool products in the UK.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 12, 2021
Edinburgh Cashmere

With winter just around the corner, we’re beginning to turn our attention to warm winter knits and cosy cashmere, filling our wardrobes with new season styles to keep us warm and stylish in equal measures as we head into the new season.

If you’re not prepared to compromise on quality – as many of us aren’t – then finding the right brand to source your garments from is essential – and we know just the place to keep you cosy this year, where luxury is guaranteed.

Edinburgh Cashmere is the iconic brand producing Scotland’s very finest cashmere and lambswool, with its attention to detail and dedication to finesse setting it head and shoulders apart from the competition – and entrepreneur Didar Singh Chalana, who is the brains behind the operation, has built up a reputation for excellence that remains unrivalled.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Owner of not one, but four successful fashion brands, it’s safe to say that Didar knows what it takes to create a cult brand. Known as DC for short, he’s a self-made entrepreneur and one of the biggest retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers of 100% pure lambswool and 100% pure cashmere in the UK and Europe – having produced over 1,000,000 high quality pieces to date.

Based in Scotland, where there is a turnover of over £500 million per year in lambswool and cashmere, he has built an empire which, as well as the iconic Edinburgh Cashmere brand, includes Edinburgh Lambswool, Clans Cashmere and DC Milan. He has even set up healthy fast-food company, DC Tasty, on the side – showing he isn’t afraid to branch out into other fields, and that his affinity for business is versatile.

Always quick to spot an opportunity, it was back in 2008 that DC first recognised that Edinburgh, Scotland was home to the largest number of cashmere shops in the world – and he was quick to act on the opportunity.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Masterminding the creation of luxury fashion brand Edinburgh Cashmere – a brand that is today respected across the UK, Europe and beyond – his focus has always been on quality. Although cashmere products are widely available in souvenir shops on the Royal Mile, DC’s high-end designs are the real deal, created with only the finest 100% pure cashmere available.

Customers know that if they are looking for the very finest cashmere money can buy, then Edinburgh Cashmere is the place to source it – and every year, they flock in their droves to lay their hands on some of the most beautiful and highly sought-after new season pieces that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

It took ten long years of relentless research and hard work for DC to achieve his goal of becoming one of the top producers and wholesalers of 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool in the UK and Europe, and in that time, amongst his proudest achievements, he became the first person in the world to produce 110 different clan cashmere scarves.

Edinburgh Cashmere

With the DC Classic Check now one of the most famous designs in the world, each beautifully designed and immaculately made, these scarves remain some of his bestselling products to date – and once you have the chance to feel one against your skin and admire it in the mirror, it’s easy to see why.

DC himself continues to oversee every aspect of production across his brands today, never one to take his eye off the ball and eager to always maintain the level of quality for which they have become known. From designing through to completion, he remains a constant presence – and he personally deals directly with sustainable cashmere and lambswool farms to ensure premium quality and value across the board.

His up-to-the-minute monogram and jacquard designs have become a hallmark of Edinburgh Cashmere, with his brand new 2022 collection of scarves, stoles and capes showcasing these characteristics and set to make waves on its release over the coming months.

Edinburgh Cashmere

Forever on a quest to deliver the very best to his customers, DC has worked with notable Italian and French designers to progress his ranges, and he has recently branched out into supplying premier football clubs with scarves – something of which he is very proud.

Meanwhile, his love for men’s fashion has seen him successfully expand into Italy with one of his newest companies, DC Milan menswear. An on-trend brand specialising in jeans, sweatshirts and jackets, all designed and manufactured from scratch by himself, his collections have already won him much praise and acclaim, and he hopes to further grow his share of the market across Europe over the years to come.

Despite never having been one to be motivated by money, such has been the success of DC’s five companies thus far that it has allowed him to fulfil his dreams of driving luxury cars and enjoying exotic holidays. Fitness and wellbeing are also very important to him as he is a true believer in the saying ‘a healthy body, a healthy mind’, and adheres to a regular workout routine and a healthy diet to maintain optimal health.

His hard work and dogged determination have certainly merited him to call himself the proud owner of the Official Edinburgh Cashmere, Edinburgh Lambswool and DC Milan brands, and as his brands continue to go from strength to strength, we can expect to see some exciting things from him not only later in the year, but also further beyond. Having accrued a legion of loyal fans and repeat customers who always come back to him for quality garments and iconic fashion designs, his name is one we can all expect to be hearing a lot more of in the future, and for all the right reasons.

So, what’s next for DC and Edinburgh Cashmere? It seems there are some exciting things in store. Having spent the past four years dedicating his time to personally designing a new range for winter, it’s set to launch in store soon – and here at LLM, we can’t wait to shop for some lavish cashmere goods to keep us warm through the colder months.


Address: 21 Young Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4HU, UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 131 3708705