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Five key reasons why you should update your skincare routine regularly

As informed women we understand that having a good skincare routine is of vital importance when it comes to our complexion, yet so many of us have stood by the same age-old products for years with no thought to try anything new which may work better for our skin-type.

The beauty experts over at Ellipse UK have listed 5 reasons why you should update your skincare regularly.

Your skin changes with the seasons

Believe it or not, the seasons can change the way your skin looks and feels, which means you need to change-up your routine to suit this climate change. Over the cold winter months your skin needs all the care it can get, so investing in oils, heavy duty creams and moisturising masks is essential to help keep it supple and soft. In the summer, your skin needs to be kept safe against the sun so opting for an SPF is imperative, your skin may also seem dry from the heat so a moisturising sheet mask will help bring moisture back to the skin.

You will discover new products that work for you

Changing up your skincare regularly means that you get to try out the new cult products that are being raved about, it may be slightly more costly, but this way you are trying out various different products with unique ingredients which may work better for your skin type, plus if you never change-up your routine, how will you know what works for you?

Changing up your skincare regularly means that you get to try out the new cult products that are being raved about

Skincare has an expiry date

Although not many women take notice of this fact, skincare products do have an expiration date and if used over that certain time period, may be detrimental to your skin health. Its best to have a skincare clear-out every few months to ensure you are not using products that have expired.

You will learn about your skin

Trying new products will help you learn more about your skin type and what works and what doesn’t work for you. Many women find it beneficial to go for a skin consultation, or even to just speak to the lady over the beauty counter who will be able to help find the right products to suit your skin, it’s amazing what a routine tailored to your skin type can do for your complexion.

Skin changes with age
It’s not rocket science to know that as we age, our skin does too. Depending on your age, it’s imperative to ensure you are using the right skincare for you. With anti-ageing creams, its best to start these in your early 20’s to try and catch out the wrinkles before they start appearing, it may also be an idea to invest in a really good eye cream to ensure your eye area is suitably moisturised.