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Forever beautiful: We talk to London’s leading aesthetic physician Dr Barbara Kubicka

Dr Barbara Kubicka

Style and beauty expert Jake Daniels sits down with Dr Barbara Kubicka, a leading London aesthetic physician and MD at clinicbe.

The first time you encounter Dr Barbara Kubicka you may find yourself, as I did, a bit lost for words. She is far and away the best looking doctor I have ever met, and a walking advertisement for the anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments she provides at clinicbe. An exclusive and beautifully appointed haven of beauty, tucked away on a private mews street in Knightsbridge, Dr Kubicka founded the clinicbe brand to offer a real solution – a unique concept in integrated skin and healthcare.

She views her work as an art form and every face as a canvas. She tells me: “Studying medicine and interior design, aesthetic medicine was a perfect field for my development and Paris the ideal place to learn the subject. I could explore the French attitude towards beauty, style and a balanced approach. A personal interest in psychology and general well-being helped me further develop my understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of the cosmetic industry. I am always looking for new procedures and products and I’m delighted that after years’ of developing my brand I can offer my patients a wide spectrum of effective treatments with the motto of clinicbe: behealthy, behappy, bebeautiful.”

Bringing patients the latest technology and techniques, and along with the ever-popular wrinkle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers, Dr Kubicka offers her own exclusive combination treatments to tackle difficult issues such as dark circles, tired eyes, hair loss and the difficult jaw/neck area. It’s a comprehensive and holistic approach. And at the moment, she’s particularly excited about the potential of treading. Dr Kubicka explanied: “Over the last year we have improved and developed many treatments using threads, whether it is an eyebrow lift or improvement of jawline definition or just tackling fine lines around the eyes or lips, it is all possible due to a wide range of dissolvable threads. They are less invasive than they used to be – and open the whole way of improving the shape of the face without surgery. They are safe and last up to a year and with time less and less treatment are required.”

Dr Barbara Kubicka
Dr Barbara Kubicka has been hailed as one of the fastest rising Aesthetic Medicine Doctors in the UK

Despite the fact that most of us are fairly up to speed with the idea of cosmetic treatments she admits that there continue to be several misapprehensions about what the work she does. “In my daily practise and contact with patients I come across a vast number of misconceptions, from confusion about using botulinum toxin on the lips to a vision that the only outcome of cosmetic treatment is to ‘look done’,” she says. “Where the real truth is that if the treatment is done in moderation and with taste a person will look like they just had a good rest. If done well, treatments become unnoticed, that’s why I call them the secret agents of modern society.”

What’s new and popular amongst those famous faces that frequent clinicbe?

Tests vitamin mineral levels as well as overall health, is highly convenient as well as pain-free. Using advanced cellular testing and spectrophotometry technology it measures mineral deficiencies, accumulation of heavy metals and anti-oxidant levels intracellularly within the patient’s body. It is injection free nor does it require a blood or urine sample. Results are delivered immediately to enable diagnosis and advice during the same consultation as the test. Dr Kubicka explains: “The OligoScan gives us an unprecedented level of detail into cellular health. Having precise information on aspects such as anti-oxidants, heavy metal accumulation and mineral deficiencies is a real insight into what issues could be influencing a person’s wellbeing. Things such as tiredness, insomnia or build-up of stress can often be better understood in the light of this data.”

ClinicBe Plaque
Building on her own reputation for excellence in Doctor-led skincare, Dr Barbara Kubicka established the clinicbe brand as a unique concept in integrated skin and healthcare

A potent combination of the Dermastamp and powerful growth factor and recovery serum, ‘Bio-Factor’ is a natural skin rejuvenation treatment involving the use of a small rectangular or round pad made up of tiny micro-needles, which creates thousands of miniscule pin-pricks in the skin. A specialist growth factor serum is then applied, penetrating deep into the skin. ‘Bio-Factor’ is effective on a wide variety of skin conditions on both the face and body and leaves skin looking rejuvenated and fresh. (A topical anaesthetic is applied to the area prior to treatment to numb the skin making the process far more comfortable). Treatment time is 60 minutes, recommended number of treatments is 3-6 dependent on area and concern. Package Price: £1000 for 3 treatments.

Threads for face, neck and eyes:
The PDO thread lift helps to reverse the key effects of ageing such as wrinkles, saggy skin, deep creases, folds and poor skin texture – without surgery. It can improve the profile of a flabby face, raise cheeks or eyebrows, help to prevent eye bags and laughter lines, lift sagging neck skin, raise the smile and angle of the mouth and even tackle those dreaded smokers’ lines. The non-invasive procedure yields amazing results and is practically painless. It leaves no scar or cuts at all. Ultra-fine threads are naturally broken down within the body over 6-8 months, although the results naturally ‘wear off’ over around 18 months. Treatment time is one hour with results showing in 4-6 weeks. It is surprisingly comfortable – patients describe a sensation similar to acupuncture. If required, the procedure can be carried out using a local anaesthetic. Threads can be applied all over the body and can assist in lifting the skin on the abdomen, lift breast tissue, lift buttocks and loose skin on the arms. POA

An innovative and unique range of dermal filler that are exclusive to clinicbe, they offer immediate results, smoothing out wrinkles and folds by adding volume to the skin. By stimulating the body’s own natural collagen, Ellanse gives a truly beautiful finish. Patients have a choice for how long-lasting they want the effect, with products lasting 1,2,3 or 4 years. They are flexible and adaptable to treat a range of conditions related to facial ageing and unlike other fillers they are bio-resorbed, which means the product will completely disappear after the desired duration. POA Ultimately however, Dr Barbara says that true loveliness comes from within. “Feeling good about oneself is the best remedy to be sure. However we all know it is not always possible or easy. That’s why treatment or practical advice can break the cycle and allow one to shine. When it comes to beauty there is nothing more attractive than glowing skin and healthy hair – but combine this with bright eyes and a proportional looking face we have a universal model of beauty.” Something Dr Barbara herself personifies remarkably.

Address: clinicbe, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0EH / 0207 125 0521