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Four luxury accessories for British men

The sartorial gentleman is a man we all admire – from each sharp outfit, right down to the carefully selected finishing touches. Accessories can make or break even the most inspired of looks – and throwing them on as an afterthought is one of fashion’s biggest faux pas.

Dressing to impress on a daily basis takes considerable effort, but there are some men who make it look all too easy. Have they really just woken up, thrown something on and somehow managed to make it work – or have they spent hour upon hour in front of the mirror ensuring that everything is ‘just so’?

Whilst this might remain a mystery, there’s one thing that doesn’t; take a look at any well-dressed man on the street, and you’ll see that the devil is almost always in the detail. Classic, versatile garments create a canvas you can really work with, and more often than not, it’s that watch, belt or tie that adds a dash of personality into the mix.


Commonly paired with shirts and suits, ties are often part of a formal get-up – whether it’s for a wedding, a dinner party, or just another day at the office.

But the modern gentleman thinks outside of the box when it comes to accessorising, and nowadays it’s just as common to see a shirt and tie worn with jeans and brogues.

Creating a look that is the perfect combination of classic and casual, an unusual tie can add a quirky and distinctive edge to even the plainest of outfits – and any gentleman worth his fashion salt will have a number of options in his stash.

Adding a tie to an everyday look is a great way to express your personality – choose a design and fabric that speaks to you, and don’t be afraid of clashing prints.

To really add a unique stamp to your style, why not try experimenting with pocket squares?
Bow ties

Taking that quirkiness to the next level, the bow tie is a more alternative choice. Reminiscent of the likes of Charlie Chaplin, it was traditionally reserved for only the finest occasions – but these days it can occasionally be spotted adding a unique twist to simple, everyday attire.

These days, fashion is all about breaking the rules, and that’s where the sartorial man’s risk-taking nature wins out. The reason it’s so hard to emulate him? Because he dares to go where fashion has never gone before. And somehow, it just works.

Choose pastel shades to compliment a lighter coloured outfit, or opt for a bright hue to contrast with dark clothing. And don’t forget to add a belt and braces for that extra preppy edge.

Remember, a bow tie can easily replace a tie on any occasion. And tying it is much easier, too.


If there’s one accessory that truly exudes elegance, it’s the cufflink, and with the diversity now available on the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Investing in a selection will provide you with numerous ways to dress up just one shirt, adding that all-important personal stamp, and a luxurious feel, too.

Just as at home worn with a casual shirt and jeans as with a crisp white shirt and tie, cufflinks are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Try combining them with an understated lapel pin to add an extra bit of flair.


A fundamental part of every man’s outfit, your choice of watch can say as much or as little about you as you want. Simple, elegant designs are a great investment, and will add far more to your look than those that are flashy and ostentatious.

If quirky is more your thing, then why not give a nod to old English style and opt for a Sherlock Holmes style pocket watch?

Maintaining a slick and sophisticated look is easy when you know how. We suggest shopping at Trendhim, who sell everything in accessories and jewelry for men.