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Get the style: The iconic quiff – four ways

Ah, the quiff. It’s the leather jacket of hair styles: eternally cool, ever evolving and never acceptable on granddads.

Whether it’s a rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley Pompadour, a sharp Ronaldo undercut, a sexy Harry Styles long haired look or a suave David Gandy textured number – just like real men, the quiff comes in all shapes and sizes and there’s one for everyone.

Here we talk to master barber Mike Taylor, co founder of the Great British Barbering Academy and ambassador of The Bluebeards Revenge male grooming brand, about the best ways to style the four main types of quiff.

According to Mike, the secret of a great quiff lies in a good cut, the right styling products and a really good hairdryer as all the “best quiffs are blow dried into shape”.

bluebeards revenge hair styling products
The Bluebeards Revenge offers a great selection of barbershop quaity hair styling products

Pompadour quiff
Made popular in the modern age by arguably the manliest man who ever lived, Elvis Presley, the Pompadour is named after the mistress of King Louis XV who was apparently partial to a bit of back combing. Not for the man who likes to blend in, this quiff is bold. In order to achieve it, you’ll need bucket loads of patience and little of The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade.

You’ll need reasonably long hair on top, enough to back comb and then smooth over so that the hair is swept upwards from your face and sits high, but smooth, over the top of your head. Traditionally, this look includes the sides swept upwards and back too (think John Travolta using his little comb in Grease).

Undercut quiff
You can go soft or severe with your undercut, graduate it or have it all the same length. You could even include a tramline to really highlight your chosen style. The finer details don’t matter. As for the quiff itself, have it going off to one side or use some of The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay to add height.

mike taylor barber
Mike Taylor has just launched the Great British Barbering Academy

Textured quiff
Housewives’ favourite David Gandy – often seen lazing around in just his pants – is a big fan of a textured quiff. It’s designed to look dishevelled but not shabby, sleek but not contrived. A look the manly supermodel can indeed pull off. This style should look like it’s naturally taken shape after you’ve run your fingers through your mane. Try using The Bluebeards Revenge Conditioner for added shine.

Long-haired quiff
Teamed with medium to long length hair this is a grungier quiff than most. Harry Styles rocks it well. This look is ideal for those with a natural curl in their hair and those who like to look natural. But be cautious, you’re aiming for just-out-of-bed sex God not raking-in-bins tramp. Make sure you’ve lathered up with some of The Bluebeards Revenge Shampoo before attempting this quiff.

Main image above credit: Braid Barbers