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Get to know designer jewellery brand Bonanza Paris

Founded by two friends Justine and Chloe only last year, meet the jewellery brand, Bonanza Paris.

Focussing on plenty of gold and peals galore it’s easy to see why they have built up a cult following from the fashion crowd to leading buyers in only twelve months.

Gorgeous pendants sit happily alongside drop pearl earrings, bold earrings as well as chunky bracelets and not forgetting the hair barrettes for jewellery that makes a statement. Undoubtedly the girls strike just the right balance between contemporary and classic with their line and we love it.

Excitingly, they have just launched their new collection entitled, ‘Bord de Mer’ this month which is influenced by the beach and the shells we find on it. We interviewed the designer duo to find out more about their emerging brand.

What is it about jewellery that you love?

The ostentatious of the jewels that we find in the jewellery boxes of our grandmothers. We have a weakness for vintage textured jewellery, gold and with precious stones that we can find in Paris flea markets.

Tell us about the look of Bonanza Paris…

It could be a mid-length, tight-fitting vintage dress with nice sandals, a pearl anklet jewel, and Cabo earrings or high-waisted Levis jeans with an oversized white shirt, cool square-toe pumps teamed with our Iranja necklace and Baia earrings. We can have a very casual style but it is always feminine. But beyond the defined look, Bonanza Paris is above all an attitude, a woman, a personality. A woman who assumes her share of femininity.

Where do you find your inspiration for the designs?

We are determined to emphasize the body and sublimate the skin, fans of vintage and looking to the future, Bonanza is part of the present, honouring the past, shaping our idea of modernity. The style of past eras, from the ’60s to the ’90s is our source of inspiration for the development of our collections, it is in the jewellery boxes of our mothers and grandmothers that we find valuable treasures. It is also important for us that each collection is approached on a theme that is dear to us – the nature and especially the spirit and warmth of the South, the commitment of women to the feminist cause… we want to tell a story through every collection, every jewel has a meaning. Our jewels are therefore the direct transcription of our inspirations and our commitments. They are rather massive because “a jewel is there to be seen and not to be hidden”.

What are the challenges you have come across with starting your own label?

We started to build Bonanza Paris without knowing that we were really creating our company. Step after step we were looking back and saying, “did you see what we just did?”. It was so new and unreal for us, we had no idea how to proceed and where to start but with a little determination, willingness and good advice we managed to get around the difficulties.

The biggest challenge for us has been to stand out in the jewellery market as it is big and it is also a challenge that we take into account every day. We do not want to be like others, we like to create and inspire and that’s why Bonanza Paris is not just a jewel brand, it has a story to tell to all generations.

What are the core values of your business?

While Bonanza can be translated as “a boon” in French, this Hispanic-sounding English term reveals our philosophy, based on the will to dare, to approach life as a chance to be seized. We are bold and eager to instil an extravagant and liberated mindset in our way of creating and undertaking. So first of all, the story of a duo of women who makes every effort to succeed respecting our values and desires. We like to highlight the duets whether in the declination of our materials on each jewel or in the choice of our muses. Bonanza Paris is a massive, creative and quality jewellery for women who are not afraid to be seen.

Which is your favourite material to work with and why?

The choice of materials and textures are essential to our creative process, we prefer raw materials of golden colour to keep the authenticity and beauty of it. In our next collection we also decide to work with precious stone, we have a weak for emeralds, aquamarines and rubies.

Do you have a favourite piece from the new collection, ‘Bord de Mer’?

Our favourite piece from this new collection is the ‘Cala’ necklace which matches perfectly with a dress, a shirt or even a swimsuit. It is a rather massive piece, just as we like them. You definitely won’t go unnoticed with this necklace around the neck!

Where can we buy the brand?

For now, you can find our brand in leading store across France and on our website at The US market is our next step.