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Getting to know hair expert Tatiana Karelina

hair expert Tatiana Karelina

Loved by the fashion crowd and beauty experts alike, Tatiana Karelina is a true driving force in the beauty industry. Having salons in London and Manchester, she will be opening a branch in Los Angeles in early 2017 to deal with the high demand she receives from her jet-setting clientele.

We spend some time getting to know this highly impressive entrepreneur.

When did your love for the beauty industry first start?
I have always been a girly girl. As a child, I remember Mom getting us all dressed up, do the hair and makeup to go out to friends for dinner. She always took the time to do my hair in spite of working full time. I always had fine hair but wanted to try different hairstyles and experiment with it. I recall back in the 90s when I was growing up in the small post Soviet Russian town, there was no Internet. Information was very, very hard to come by. Fashion was a dream, I would read old fashion and beauty magazines in the local library and scrutinise the photos for trends. All the models had this big voluminous glossy hair. I guess my career in hair extensions came naturally, I wanted fuller gorgeous looking hair for myself first before it became my business and my passion.

How did that involve into the company you have now?
I am closely involved in the company, I am at the London salon on daily basis and also visit Manchester branch regularly. My name is above the door, a lot of clients want to see me, have a word with me get my advice. Even after a number of years being in business I really enjoy working on clients, every job is so different and that was what attracted me to hair extensions in the first place. You never get bored, it is super creative and a lot of fun as you meet so many interesting people – a lot os them become good friends.

Do you have a style icon and if so, who?
Tatiana Korsakova – a beautiful model, amazing mother, successful business woman and a philanthropist. She has an incredible style and I always admire her fashion and beauty choices.

What are your beauty must-haves?
Oribe texturizing spray – This invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and sexy texture in an instant.

Tatiana Karelina hair brush – this brush gets all the snags without ripping hair out.

My custom made All-In-One Clip in piece is my life saver when I travel or have these last minute events.

What are the advantages to hair extensions?
A hairstyle can make or break your look. If you have been dreaming for long hair for quite some time now, hair extensions are the best option. Hair extensions add instant length, volume and confidence boosters. Hair extensions can also easily add an additional colour to the hair. They are so versatile meaning you can look different every day by styling them differently. Hair extensions can revive and transform thinning or damaged hair. And finally, hair extensions can be easily taken care of and thus, are easy to maintain. They can be washed and treated in the same way as your real hair.

So you’re heading to Los Angles to open your next salon, what other locations interest you?
We are having our minds set on NYC after, Dubai would be a great place as well as we have a lot of clients from that part of the world having to fly to London to have their hair done with us.