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Getting to know leading style coach Beverly Osemwenkhae

Her celebrity client list includes Rosa Salazar, Matt Passmore, Stephanie Szostak, Eleanor Lambert, and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fialho.

By LLM Reporters  |  March 13, 2022
style coach Beverly Osemwenkhae

Beverly Osemwenkhae, aka BeverlyO, is a wardrobe stylist and founder of Project Bee Consulting. Beverly began her career as a teen model, transitioned into luxury fashion PR, and is now focusing on her own company. Her celebrity client list includes Rosa Salazar, Matt Passmore, Stephanie Szostak, Eleanor Lambert, and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fialho.

We sat down with the leading style guru to find out a little more.

How did you get started in the wardrobe styling business?

I started working in the industry while interning in college. I did in-house PR for a few luxury brands and transitioned into freelance styling focused mainly on fashion editorials, video shoots and e-commerce. It really exposed me to all angles of styling. While freelancing, I started working in luxury retail and built strong relationships with my clients, and it just led me into the world of personal shopping and styling.

style coach Beverly Osemwenkhae

What have you enjoyed most about starting your company?

I think mostly the freedom to have a vision and create a company I’m really passionate and proud of. There’s a drive when you wake up every day and really enjoy what you do. There’s also so much involved when styling my clients, I love that every day is a little different. It’s more than just making people look good and finding them key pieces for their wardrobe but mostly helping them build a style identity.

What is your go-to luxury fashion brand?

There are so many! I’m a big Gucci girl, but old school Gucci with a ‘70s aesthetic. I love wearing jewel tone colours. Saint Laurent for a fabulous tuxedo pant and Missoni, Etro and Pucci in the summer for some print. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I usually dress with how I feel and where I’m going for the day, but overall, I will have to say my style is eccentric, feminine and chic. I always love highlighting a key piece with my look whether it’s with an accessory or a fabulous piece of jewellery.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Everywhere! Art, people, culture. I travel a lot and always find inspiration when visiting a new city. Also, I have a passion for collecting vintage and try to incorporate that into my look

style coach Beverly Osemwenkhae

What is one spring staple every woman should have?

A white or cream silk palazzo pant (you would thank me later) it really just pulls the look together and really makes any outfit extra polished. It also works in any season!

What are some current trends you’re loving in fashion right now?

I just love that designers are giving us something to get excited about wearing again. We’ve been stuck in lounge wear for two years, and it’s just so refreshing to see bold colours on the runway and interesting silhouettes. I’m currently loving the new sexy trend. Sheer slip dresses with platform chunky heels and oversize blazers, just love it!

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in luxury fashion?

Working in luxury fashion is about having an eye for quality. This comes down to educating yourself on brand aesthetics, fabrications, shapes and silhouettes. My clients come to me daily with style questions. It’s important to know what’s happening in your industry, especially with certain brands going fully sustainable. As a stylist I always have an answer.