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Getting to know luxury lingerie brand Anya Lust

By LLM Reporters  |  February 4, 2020

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we talk to Krystle Kotara, founder and creative director at leading luxury lingerie brand Anya Lust.

1. Tell us about Anya Lust and a little about yourself as the owner.

Anya Lust is a beautiful lingerie destination, centered around romance and sensuality. I have very close relationships with all of my designers, and I hand-select every item that’s on our website. And our in-house collections are an ode to love.

2. What was the inspiration for starting the company?

I have a personal love for lingerie, and I’ve been writing poetry since I was a child. So, creating a lingerie brand came naturally to me. Anya Lust was born out of my desire to share my love with the world and inspire others to live deeply passionate, fulfilling lives.

3. Where did the name of the brand come from?

The name is a reflection of my culture. Anya is short for Anyanwu, which is a Nigerian sun goddess. And of course, lust just goes perfectly with it.

4. Who is your customer?

She travels with her lover (or lovers), dances under the sun, soaks up the beauty of life. She is confident, intelligent, and free.

5. Where do you see the brand going through this next decade?

So many possibilities for us! I really see Anya Lust becoming *the* destination for all things romance. When a woman needs a satin skirt for her upcoming date night or a special bra and panty set just because, the first place she’ll think to shop is Anya Lust.

6. Tell us about the designers you work with.

They are truly amazing, aren’t they? The majority of my designers are based in England, some in New York, and the rest are scattered throughout the world. Each one of them is passionate about their craft, and I work with them because of that. Currently, my customers are really loving the embroidered lingerie by Tisja Damen, latex sets by Elissa Poppy, and the luscious silk panties by Sandra Silk Australia.

7. You’re also an author, tell us about how you incorporate your writing into the brand.

I’ve created our romantic poetry candles, which feature my writing on each label. Each number associated with the candles represents a special number in my relationship with my husband. For example, Confession Candle No. 8 – we became a couple in August a few years ago. I’ve also written The Lust Diaries, and have more sensual works to be released in 2020.

8. What’s your favorite item from Anya Lust?

Our amazing collaboration kimono with Harlow and Fox. I wore it out for dinner with an LBD on my anniversary.

9. What has been a major milestone for the brand?

Every year is a milestone.

10. Where can people purchase Anya Lust?

Simple, head over to