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Getting to know luxury skincare brand Zelens

By Felicity Williams on 31st March 2019

Leading skincare expert Dr. Marko Lens is the man behind the beloved beauty brand, Zelens. Founded out of the desire to offer products that make a real difference, they do just that as he’s become known for working wonders when it comes to skin aging.

And how does he achieve this? Well, each one of his products has been formulated with both bio active and plant-derived ingredients, which are specially designed to deliver long-lasting results that truly work. What’s more, the range is formulated without parabens (making it suitable for all skin types) and use no animal-testing in their process. Loved by the beauty crowd, shop the product at top tier retailers such as net-a-porter.

We catch up with Dr. Lens to learn more about his brand.

How did you get into the industry?

I graduated Magnum Cum Laude from University of Verona studied. I completed my master of science degree at Harvard followed by a PHd from Oxford in Skin Melanoma. My research was always in the field of skin cancer and skin aging. I was evaluating the effect of topical antioxidants in the fights against free radicals and this was a triggering factor to get to the more beauty side of the industry, although my research was in early 2000s when pollution was not such a buzzword as it is now.

Dr Marko Lens
Leading skincare expert Dr. Marko Lens is the man behind the beloved beauty brand, Zelens

What’s your favourite aspect of the job?

I love formulating and doing research. It is really very challenging. The time I spend in the laboratory is something that I like the most.

Which is your ultimate go-to product and why?

My ultimate go to-product is Intense Defence Antioxidant Serum. It is very advanced and complete anti-pollution product that all of us really need. And it is actually the product that I developed in early 2000s and keep updating it and improving.

What is your signature product at Zelens?

My signature product at Zelens is Z Melatonin Night Repair Serum. This product contain melatonin and phyto-melatonin that help synchronise circadian rhythm which is very important in the natural skin renewal process. Also, melatonin has excellent antioxidant capacities.

Zelens_Z Retore
Zelens represents a new generation of skin care developed using breakthrough scientific research in the biological functions of the skin

What are your top 5 products for spring?

My top 5 products of the spring are: Z Detox Cleanser, Power C Treatment Drops, Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream, Transformer Instant Renewal Mask and Z Recovery Intense Repair Balm.

What’s coming up for the rest for the year?

There are so many products that we are working on and I have to confess that I am not so good in planning long ahead our marketing calendar. However, before the end of the year we are planning to launch more products to help protect the skin and boost skin radiance. We are also launching a completely new concept that I cant quite share at the moment but it’s very exciting for the new phase of Zelens.